Hardware failure: Fans spin for a 1-2 seconds with no POST!

Server is down for a while!

It seems that my old hardware is showing its age.
I am still troubleshooting but due to the lack of spares, this might take a week or two.
I have narrowed it down to 3 possible suspects: Power-supply, CPU or Motherboard.


When power is pressed the CPU-fan and System-fan spins up for 1-2 seconds and immediately spins down.
It never show POST!

Since I don’t have the manual and the server case does not have a speaker this makes it a bit I am down to trail and error.

Previous Tests

  1. All external units was removed from the motherboard (SSD, keyboard, Mouse)
  2. Battery - Changed Motherboard battery
  3. BIOS reset
  4. RAM - All 4 RAM modules was pulled out and testet individua

Tricky. I would think it’s the PSU, CPU is least likely IMO. I think I have had the same thing happen to me, but my memory is a bit fuzzy on it, but I have replaced PSU’s a couple of times in different computers.

I managed to borrow a PSU and there was no change in the state of the server.
A good end for my old PC all considered :gnammy:

Not to worry. I good friend have donated his old PC for this worthy cause :smiley:

The age is more or less the same, but it has far from the same milage.
Its an old XPC Cube which he bought for gaming, but never used as he moved to Sri Lanka.