Happy New Year from Leiden!

In spite of the snowstorm that all of a sudden came from the North Sea directly on our heads (almost sunny and dry even a few kilometers away!), the great 322-602 New Year’s Meeting took place as scheduled, on January, the 4th!

Pax, it’s always a pleasure to meet you, either in Leiden of in Udine!!! :anpeace:

P.S. That Frisian “grappa” of yours is something really special, thanks again!!! :banana:

Hello MonsTTer,

Good to read that you had a good time in the Netherlands. We did not meet each other this time, but I hope there will be more opportunities for that in the future. :slight_smile:


Leuk…how beautiful the town looks like there in the background.

remember to take the Irvine Jacket next time, MonsTTer, not the leather :slight_smile:

Great pic, ta for posting.

Nice Monstter :slight_smile:
It was a pleasure to meet you and your family :slight_smile:
A pity that time is allways restrictive factor, there’s allways a lot to show. Nice how you and family enthousiast reacted when seeing the North Sea, whilst I was thinking damn cold and grey here, do love it more in the summer :wink: However the “cioccolata caldo con panna montata” is allways a good comfort then.

Glad you liked the Beerenburg, with so much herbes in it, you will never get a cold again :smiley: