Happy birthday

May i be the first to say happy birthday Swoop good fun flying with you last night must do it again sometime and the drinks must be on you :D:holiday::holiday::gnammy::wave::wave::ani_beer::ani_beer::ani_beer::ani_beer::gnammy::gnammy:

Happy Birt Swoop!

Happy birthday, Swoop!:holiday::ani_beer::holiday:

Happy birthday skipper. I’ll get the first round in :smiley:

He kept that quiet :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday skipper!


Happy Birthday mate!:smiley:

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday indeed, nearly as old as Dave now…;):bootyshk:

cheers m8:ani_beer:

Silly old sod!.. Sqn leaders don’t live much past 30 do they?:roflmao:

[quote=Kristorf;97084]Happy Birthday indeed, nearly as old as Dave now…;):bootyshk:[/quot

Remember… there are no old, bold pilots!

And many happy returns of the bar… i :gnammy:[/i]

Just back from holidays I am late… Happy birthday mate! :slight_smile:

Happy Birth mate!