Happy 25th Birthday DanC

Happy birthday mate, u young sprogling :smiley:

Hope you have a good one, BTW i’ve taken the liberty of getting the WAAFs to open the bar early and your tab is behind the bar :smiley: I’ve already had several to make sure the lines are clear, you’d best get in here as well :smiley:

Happy birthday to you mate :w00t:

Old git :bootyshk:

Happy birthday!.. Now get to the bar.

Happy birthday Dan!


Happy Birthday Dan :slight_smile:

25…You Lucky Bastage!!!

Bloody 33 :frowning:

25…just ridiculous! :wink:

Stamp this Birthday in your memory, Mate…it’ll never come again! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Dan!:slight_smile:

Cheers guys HIC:p

25 years old!! :eek::eek::eek:
Less than half of the age of grandpa Bear!
Happy birthday Dan Kid!

:ani_beer::holiday::holiday:happy birthday DanC hope u have a good dinner tonight m8 see u soon

Danc have the my same years?

Happy birthday mate!