Hand eye co-ordination!!

Pilot training game…so it’s been said. 18 seconds is good for an airline pilot but the USAF expect 2 mins from their top guns.


10 secs is acceptable in the EAF:p

Best time 18.532 seconds, but i did have a few .32 seconds when i first tried.

18.689 is my best so far. :slight_smile:

Which is, as it happens, the best time in my bank of desks at work :smiley:

1min12 secs…then I realised I had to click and hold the mouse. :o


21.842 secs sofar.

21.11 is the best result so far… after long 1-3 sek :slight_smile: Nice site, now i know how to kill some time on job :wink:

19.625 for me…

Nice one :wink:

survived 18,6

Mouse what mouse


22.25 sec :slight_smile:

training, training - and 35.4 now! :slight_smile: Did you found the safe spot in the upper left corner? You can stay there for 12 seconds :wink:

21.969 here took a few attempts though :slight_smile: