Halloween Sale Tobruk 25% off

Desert Wings - Tobruk 25% Off!

It is worth noting that the new and exciting add-on for Cliffs of Dover – Blitz, Desert Wings – Tobruk is on sale for the first time since its launch! Team Fusion has been hard at work improving Tobruk since it’s launch and polishing the in-flight experience. Now is the best time to jump into the cockpit and fight in the skies over North Africa! Tobruk is a unique product unlike any other we offer and a lot of fun. Make sure to follow Team Fusion Simulations on their Facebook page so you can see all their updates and events. Also, don’t forget about their section of the official IL-2 Forum here.

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Rara ma state a fare campagna elettorale? mi sembra @Ma220n decidete un sim

sorry I think that I was on italian forum