Half Life Alyx

experience is incredible!

A little nausea using continuous movement camera, but got used to it pretty fast!
i suggest short sessions to begin with!

here is a video i took today!

windows mixed reality tracking works well!


Half life ago that I first played half life. Still my favourite. Thanks Jimmi, will try

so? do you like it?

It’s amazing

I’ve had it a little while and had the same experience. Didn’t feel too good after half an hour, so came off, but it looked amazing and played really well!

I need a bigger room

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completed right now!
cant wait for the new chapter!

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Completed 1 month ago… It’s really good! the only thing it could be improved in the use of weapons.

I suggest also to play the DLC HALF LIFE ALIX LEVITATION, it’s a free mod you can download in the steam workshop and play (you must download all 5 parts). It adds more new hours of gameplay!

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ocio che stai registrando un quarto di finestra

i finished the game in a 1 square meter of space, you don’t really need to move your legs