Hairy runways!

Although the commentary is in German, I think the visuals speak for themselves.

The runway featured in the Number 2 spot looks like a riot of a runway; designed by someone who done his training on fair ground rides :slight_smile:

Enjoy S!



I want to see the Landing on the #2 runway :slight_smile:

For some reason I was surprised this was actually to do with flying. :wink:

For second-language readers, ‘hairy’ means ‘scary’

And they are too. Are these people insane landing on them, they must look like postage stamps on finals :slight_smile:


Nr. 3 are made available for Flight Simulator.

Most accidents on this one happens during the landing. The uphill part somehow cheats the pilots perception.

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I would really like to try to land there someday in a simulation :wink:
How hard can it be :rolleyes: After a whole campaign where we landed british Corsairs (higher stallspeed due to the clipped wing) on small short and narrow bristih carriers.
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What airstrip and where is this Starfire? I would like to give it a go in MSFS.

I have seen the video from the #1 with the KLM boeing earlier, I thought (and still think) its a fake, the water behind the airplane stays pretty smooth for an airplane flying over that close… what you guys think?

The runway at St Maarten in the West Indies is for the Princess Juliana International airport is famous as the Maho beachis at one end.

Here’s a batch of landing photo’sfrom

This one shows a KLM Jumbo landing from the other way

As far as I remember it was an addon. Since I am interested myself I will get back, asap. Looking for it as I write :wink:

The airport in question is locateded in Kathmandu.
It’s name is Luklu.
It is located near Mount Everest.

Here is a link from a FSX guy:

The guy says that it is a grass strip in the original game.

Some freeware scerery :

If you want tha airport with all the scenery you need to grab your purse.

The airpost itself are made as an Addon by aerosoft:,5662661750,10267

Sorry. There are no such thing as free launch