Gunnery practice server

it’s called Action Dogfight and Tanks.
Yes you can also drive tanks in it, but I use it for gunnery practice against AI and Human players. They use our settings with no externals or tags/labels.
You will of course find the Russian Flaps out turn and burn players, but you don’t have to mix it up with them if you don’t want to.
It has a STATS page so you can see how well, or terrible your hit % is.
I started with 2-3% and now I’m back around 8, with the occasional 14%. Nice thing to check…
We can also fly and practice wingman tactics there. I’ve done it with Storm last week and we did ok.I also saw that OD had given it a go in the MC202!!! Would be fun to give the tanks a try with a few guys on the server.:rolleyes:

Heres the link to the Stats. It resets every month.

Ha! I did, last night! It seemed ok. Didn’t know there were stats!

I see that more of my EAF wingmen have flown on the server with mixed results. Let me know if you need any guidance flying the FW190. It’s a little twitchy, but should become somewhat easier to handle after the FM update/correction. Recovery from spin is very difficult with the current FM.
I find the AI I-16 by far the most annoying adversary on this server as it will out maneuver any of the Axis aircraft and it seems capable of keeping up as well. I just run away when I see it, unless I have a wingman.

Red and I had some good fun on the server yesterday. I had been shot down a few times before Red joined, but our mutual support and nice formation flying put an end to that.
Lots of fun Red. Thanks for winging up!

The only mistake was to fly Ju87 in the last sortie. I was brutally slaughtered, by some hungry Russians and I think Red got a bloody nose as well. But not before he dispatched 2 enemy tanks with his 37mm guns. Apparently those yellow tipped shells worked!

I’ll be on the server today as well for those who can join. Trying to secure my lead in the stats. But for that I need to stop dying uneccessarily. So no more Ju87 death flights for me. FW190 from now on!

See you up there.

Pleasure to fly with you Apollo, was goood fun in the ju87 with those guns, pity you only get about 24 rounds for it though

Myself, Starfire, Topsy and Swoop were on last
Night with mixed results… driving the tank was fun until someone in a friendly tank had a somewhat mistaken me for a T34:banana:
Some good fun for a dogfight server


I believe that to be an understatement. Personally I would use the work difficult if you have a 60% chance at 1.000m/3.000ft. If you a depart from the flying envelop at that altitude in BoS, bailing seems to increase the pilot survival from 30% to 90+%.
It seems that the Fw190A3 in BoS is an equivalent of the P-39 in IL-2 1946. Stall at low altitude is to be avoided at all cost. If caught at that low the best course of action is to run away in level flight.

Apart from that the 190 is stil an excellent combat aircraft as long as you don’t engage in turn fight. It is an aircraft of teamwork. Topsy, Swoop, Red and I did a lot of 2 vs 2 last night. Red in a 109F4 while Swoop and Topsy tried out several Russian fighters.

As the 190 have plenty of ammo compared to other fighters there are no reason to save ammo. High deflection shooting from long range is the way to go. In my experience most opponents underestimate the lethal range of the 190. The 2xMG+2/4 Cannons are fast firing and accurate out to 500 m. Shooting out a wall of lead and explosives in front of a turning opponent are the way to go as you have ammo to spare. Just a single hit from a 20mm explosive round cripple an opponent and as most shots are high deflection, the damage seems to larger like it was in in Il-2 1946.

Last night I flew with convergence of 200m but in future Ill test out longer convergence settings.

Real world settings where as follows:
Crossover 400m & 600m (convergence depending of the)
Harmonization 400m&550m (where all cannons and MG cross one another in the horizontal plane)

I’ve always struggled hitting with nose mounted guns, it just doesn’t come naturally, especially deflection shooting with them. Practice, practice and then some more practice and its slowly coming back.

I’ve just been offline flying against a Yak1b in my F4, and the very aspect of BnZing means you get a quick shot and usually a deflection one at a hard turning fighter. Trying to get the Yak to follow me up and then turn a gentle corkscrew hoping to get him to stall out before he can get a shot is challenging, especially if you judged his energy wrong.

Really enjoying BOS right now, it has matured and certainly up there with CLOD for playability and enjoyment. Plus its getting better all the time with regular development.

You are spot on buddy!. I just didnt want to scare the guys away from it, lol. My recovery rate from highspeed stalls below 1000m in the 190 is about 50% Its terrible!

Just make sure you are faster than 550 km/h, so you can pull the necessary lead for the shot. Faster is even better!! I try to keep the bandit just visible on my nose, below the sight ring, while im closing in and begin firing about 300m away.

200m is too close. I use 500m and that works for me. I’ve tried 600m also and detect no real difference.

Happy you like it Swoop.
But watch out using the Rop a Dope against the Russian flap fighters as they can hang on their prop and use their laser guns(Russian guns shoot very straight) to pick you off from far.

I was just online and only AI present on the server. Started in an FW190(preferred mount), but was getting bounced by AI Mig3 and had to run away. Changed to a 109F4 to counter the Migs, but they fly so twitchy and jink just when you’re going to fire. Prefer Migs flown by human players as the dont jink as well.
But as we all know, it’s better to have a wingman. When I was flying with Red, I had a nice sense of calm having the extra pair of eyes calling out bogies. I usually fly alone, but having a wingman felt so much safer.

Have yiu tried shooting the bandits/AI from further away?

Hmm. Yes I have, but without any good results. Too much AOT and not enough lead. Somebody told me that they start jinking once they’re within convergence.

I’ll try some more tonight and let you know. I’ll use some more lead.

Posted 20 January 2017 - 18:22

Hello everyone,
Fw 190 A-3 flight model revision that we promised long time ago is nearly finished.
As we pointed earlier, flight model tuning in a sim is always a task of aircraft reconstruction with many unknown variables. Part of the data is missing and some values are just plain wrong, sometimes directly contradicting each other. And sometimes the missing data appears when an aircraft is released, that’s why we need to correct FM sometimes. So, what will be changed in Fw 190 A-3 soon:

  • Wing twist has been changed. The wing root had 2 degrees angle of incidence that was steadily reduced to 0 degrees at two thirds of the wing span. Because of this, stall at high angles of attack will begin near the wing root and not on the entire wing surface at once, resulting in ‘softer stalling’;
  • Aircraft center of mass position has been corrected (it was shifted forward by several centimeters);
  • Critical angle of attack and maximum lift coefficient increased. Stall speed of the aircraft decreased to 175 km/h;
  • Drag at high angles of attack decreased thanks to lift/drag curve data of a trophy aircraft tests in VVS Research Institute;
  • Propeller thrust decreased somewhat. Takeoff run of the aircraft with standard loadout is roughly 500 meters and takes 18 seconds, which corresponds to historical data.

Because of these changes, aircraft handling changed slightly. It stalls differently. Spending fuel affects its center-of-gravity position more. A pilot would need to use the entire range of the adjustable stabilizer depending on the flight mode for comfort handling. In the same time, aircraft speed and climb rate remained almost the same.
Meanwhile, we continue work on Fw 190 A-5. While being very similar to Fw 190 ?-3 visually, it will have significantly different features and pecularities in loadouts and handling.

Just trying flying the 190 and its a challenge after flying the F4. I really do want to learn to fly this plane, especially after hearing all the problems it caused the Spit5Vb. I think I’ll wait till the above is implemented though.

I tried again yesterday and the fighters started jinking within my set convergence of 400m. I didn’t try lowering the convergence, since I wanted to destroy as many IL2’s as possible to secure my lead on the server.
The IL2’s start turning when I’m within 500m, but not too aggressive. The I-16 and yaks on the other hand are all over the sky when Im close.

Ok boys!
New month and clean slate on the server. Last month EAF was on top! I would like to see more EAF pilots on the leaderboard this month. Play/fly for winning and not losing any lives. Use proper tactics and run if needed. I’m going to try and survive the whole month. No turn fights for me. Fly together if possible. Take off from rear airstrip if needed.

I’ll be flying the FW190 exclusively. If I find an EAF player flying Russian I’ll try to leave him alone, if I’m able to ID him. Since I want EAF on top. I think there may be more 190’s in the air now since the new FM. But I think they will be down low trying to out turn yak1’s and dying. So I’ll be the high FW in the sun.

Here’s the end result for January