Greetings from a long lost . . . .


Hope you’re all well. Years ago, I had a brief time in EAF (as EAF_T_Felix) and really enjoyed it, but couldn’t afford the time commitment so I retired gracefully.

My Red Baron squad, RAC, are trying to learn IL2Fb as something to augment our Red Baron 3D flying. We’ve got quite a nice little group going, including EAF Hans and EAF Maarvin. The general idea is to introduce crusty RB3D diehards into the 21st century . . . gently.

May I send my best greetings to all the chaps in EAF (including the Italian Mob) who made my brief time with you such fun? Especially Keets, who was patience personified as my TO.

Regards to all

RAC Felix EF

Hi Felix: good to see you here again! :slight_smile:

Very happy to hear you are fine!

Well let’s make some dogs togheter but ehm not on biplanes or EAF will end bad this time :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hi Felix, good to hear from you :slight_smile:

If you’re still flying RB, did you get it running on XP?
I have distant, fond memories of RB …

Felix hello mate - weird this because I’ve just been looking at some stuff in which your name appears mate and I was thinking of you not five minutes ago. It’s a sign I tell you :slight_smile:

Best of luck mate, very happy to fly with you always and we’ll see you in the new WW1 sim upcoming I sincerely hope

Best of times in RB3D always, online scrapes and so on. I’m really up for the new WW1 sim it’ll be an extension almost of RB3D I reckon, the planes good grief - stunning. And horses in there. Wildlife is always good yes makes for immersion. Developers never twig this do they :slight_smile:


Hey, some of us have been training in some of the biplanes, like the P11c or Gladiator :slight_smile:


Wow, what a nice response. Thanks chaps, one and all.

I did manage to get RB3D going in WinXP (there’s a “fix” that works quite well). However, it’s not ideal: the new WW1 sim is eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, the IL2FB “flight” in RAC is very much enjoying learning the game, albeit we are happy to set ourselves a fairly slow learning curve. Like you chaps in EAF, we’ve all been flying with each other for years and have become real-life friends: it’s important to us, therefore, that we all stick together and don’t leave anyone behind in the learning process.

This means that the more experienced IL2 pilots have to be a little patient, sometimes. However, the will to help others is ever-present, so we’ll get there.

Quite a lot of what we do is trial by error, though. For example, I have yet to work out a really good set of key-bindings/joystick configuration (I’m still not quite sure what I really need to assign and what I can do without. For example: magnetos?). Do you all use different bindings/joystick presets, or is there a standard set that you’ve all agreed works best?

Regards to all

RAC_Felix_EF (formerly and proudly EAF_T_Felix)

Hey Felix, nice to see you around here :slight_smile: I made the registration to RAC forums last week to ask how life was for you, so Im happy to see you are well.

About the stick, I can send you my X52 profile. Each one of us feel comfortable with a different profile. If you need any help just ask.


Thanks, Nepe. All suggestions welcome.

My email is (home) or at work. Actually it would be really kind if written suggestions (or anything else that needs printing off) could be sent to the work addy, because I don’t have a printer at home (two year old daughter fed the old one with biscuits).

Regards to all

RAC_Felix _EF


Thanks for emailing me, Nepe. I couldn’t find a programme that opened the attachment properly, but perhaps I’m being dim. If it was a j/stick patch then I have an old Saitek stick. If it was something else then I’m sorry but I couldn’t work it out.

Having Track IR operating properly now means that I use the keys on the stick very little: I prefer using the keyboard. However, where I’m not so good is knowing WHICH of the multitude of possible key bindings are important, and which can wait until another day. For example, I’ve worked out that having nav lights (etc) are quite useful but I don’t have any aileron trims or incremental prop pitches (other than the standard Shift 1, Shift 2 etc).

Anyway, no doubt I’ll work it all out for myself in time.

Regards to all


The .dat is a file for the Saitek software.

Below I post what I have programmed in my stick:

[/li][li]Prop Pitch (slider)
[/li][li]Elevator Trim (rotary)
[/li][li]Rudder trim (rotary)

[li]Machine Guns
[/li][li]MG + Cannons
[/li][li]Wide/Normal/Zoom view (hat)

And thats about it


Nepe, that’s a great help. I don’t have a separate throttle but that’s just so useful to know what you more experienced chaps find that you need handy.

Thanks so much.

Regards to all

RAC_Felix _EF