Great FREE Hunting Game

Caught ya Mikke, sorry great hunting but no snow:D. I read about his game on PC Gamer and I can say it is very challenging if you don’t have patience this is NOT the game for you Graphics are almost on par with Far Cry 2. I just finished stalking a Mule Deer Buck for about a hour, as I followed his trail with my Huntmate handheld coming a cross many other trails trying to entice me (I must stay focused) I hear his call a frog like growl, yep must be a buck he leads me into a small clearing where a road runs along the left side, I pull out my Binoculars and scan the horizon, visibility seems to me about 300 yards, THERE HE IS!:smiley: I see him following the road so I go prone and get a nice position on a crest with a clear shot, He slowly goes into the woods next to the road and slightly out of sight so I pull out my Doe Call to try to get him to come back toward me, he hears it and I can count the points through my binoculars at least a 10 pointer :eek: he slowly comes toward me sniffing the air and perking up his ears I almost have a clean shot than all of a sudden he spooks and takes off! What the heck! he was at least 200 yards away I was prone what the heck did I do wrong?:confused: Then I look up and see a leave fall off a tree, I was upwind:rolleyes: Now thats what I call realism, you must give it a go I’m sure you will agree. :slight_smile:
And for any conscience objectors out there they give you a Digital Camera to… :wink:

Interesting, will check it out!

And for any conscience objectors out there they give you a Digital Camera to…

:roflmao: “one does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted.” Jose Ortega y Gasset :wink:

one does not hunt in order to kill

Yes one does Jose, it’s nothing to be ashamed of: trying to eat living animals is more cruel than killing them first

Work in a slaughter-house for one day and you will learn to respect the hunter. Jose put that gun down :slight_smile:


I can hunt dinosaurs? I love it

hunting game