Graphic problems

Its been so long now that I cn not say for sure that my gaphics are wrong, but…well, when flying low over water I dont realiza my altitude, and the clouds look weird.

Can someone look at this image and tell me if it is normal, and how can I improve it?

Ive tried lots of settings, OpenGL/DirectX etc to no avail



Your jpeg seems to be a bit too compessed to say anything for sure. Unless that is actually what you see in the game? Can you send me the original picture file instead (or upload it somewhere)?

That is the original pic, and thats exactly what it looks to me in game: a bad compressed jpg

Something is wrong with your graphics card, either drivers or the actual hardware, I can’t really say what the problem is.

What card are you using, and what drivers?


32bit looks nicer :slight_smile:


Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

And I have been flying like that for months! :eek:

Can´t believe it…

Thanks a lot MIkke and Brigstock…I am getting old

:roflmao: Good to hear that it’s fixed then.