Goodwood Festival of Speed Live Link.

I don’t know if everyone will be able to pick this up but as the title says its live footage from the Goodwood FOS this weekend.

If you have never seen this event I suggest to take a peek :slight_smile:

Hope it works.

Example:- In the last 10 mins I have seen the Aston Martin Vulcan. Only 24 being made and only 4 days old. A Jaguar FR just stacked it into the hay bails and Jensen Button is about to get in Ayrton Senna’s Malboro McLaren…stay tuned!!

At 1700 GMT the BoB camo Typhoon is doing a display.

The streaming from Goodwood is on again tomorrow at 0800GMT. The good news is the “Beast Of Turin” is doing the hill climb again. A must for our Italian brothers.

Here it is back in March.