Good show P/O Starfire

Im very proud to announce that Starfire is our newest P/O. It has been a pleasure to train him, and 331 is lucky to have him in their ranks.

Enjoy you shiny new wings mate :slight_smile:


Congratulations, P/O Starfire!!! A beer for me, please…

Proficiat Starfire :slight_smile:

Congratulations Starfire!

I you meet me at Bornholm this week I will :smiley:
(- and I even buy the second round)

Thanks Nepe!
I hope I will be able live up to that.

Congrats Starfire :slight_smile:


Nice Job Starfire!:slight_smile:

Congratulations Starfire :smiley:

Thanks :banana:

BTW: Found you movie you made about levelbombing with the Norden bombsight. It’s great, but I still can’t hit shit :bootyshk:
But it have given me a renewed interest in learning it :wink:

Grattis Starfire. Välförtjänt! :slight_smile:

You are a P/O at last, Starfire! Good job! You totally earned it!

Sorry I cant buy you a beer, I’m still to young:p

Good work and enjoy your new wings, mate!:smiley:

Shooting sucks, and he still have problems id-ing a Spitfire! What is the world coming to??? :wink:

Grattis Starfire! :slight_smile:

Well done Starfire!

Bop-budder-baahdah bop-budder-baahdah

Valkyries do you play it as your ingame music :slight_smile:


Congrats M8!!

See you around with your new wingies…

Belgian finest for me…a large one off course.

Well deserved! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Starfire!
Well done!

Salute and cheers! :ani_beer:

Congrats Starfire well done

Congratulations Starfire! Very well deserved!!:slight_smile: