Good news for one 51° Stormo Pilot: STORM one step ahead!

I’m pleased to announce a new Flight Officer in 51EAF wing: EAF51_Storm, promoted from P/O to F/O!

This is really well deserved and it’s also a big thank for all your effort and help in the last year as a pilot and a good mate for all us! Good job!

Please gentlemen, the BAR is open and help yourselves, all on Storm’s bill! Congratulations!!! :banana: :banana: :cool:

Great news, M8! Good pilot and friend. Salute!:ani_beer:

Congratulations F/O Storm ! :ani_beer:

Well done Storm. Great to hear of more men making progress in our EAF!


Woohoo, congrats! Well deserved! :banana: :banana: :banana:

Buon lavoro Storm :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! stupid bananas for me… :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

i love our big EAF family! :o

Well done Storm:w00t::ani_beer:


Alla grande STORM!!!:banana::banana::banana::banana:

Storm! Yeeehaaaa!
Congratulations buddy!

Bravo Storm!

Well deserved Storm :smiley:

Grattis Storm! Well done!

Good news! Well done Storm!

bravo! complimenti Storm!

Gratis!!! :ani_beer:

Congratulations Storm!

Now let that ale flow :slight_smile:

Thx to all mates! :wink:

Congratulazioni, bravo