Good News and Bad News

Happy to report that 3.7 kg future pilot Matthew Hunt was born at 11:05 Sunday morning, mother and baby doing well. I will celebrate by buying a new MOBO / CPU as my one seems to have blown a primary computation gasket or something similar.

So a new addition and imminently a new computer for the summer maps / BoM aircraft :cool:

So two good news! Congrats for your baby!! :w00t:


Congrats Marsh!!!

It seems the father is doing well also :slight_smile:

Many congrats Marsh :slight_smile:

Congrats Marsh…I’m sure it was a pleasure:roflmao:


Great news Ed, congratulations to you both!! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

Great!!! a new future EAF pilot!!! Congrats!!:banana::banana::banana::banana:


WOW! Congratulation Marsh!

Many congrats Marsh, it’s a beautiful news!!! :smiley: :banana:


Congratiolaitons Marsh! :banana::banana::banana:

Congratulations Marsh

Nice job Marsh , congratulations!

Congrats Bro!!

Congrats mate!!!:w00t:

Read it just now Marsh, many congratulations!


Ah yes, what exactly are the bad news here? I just see awesome news and great news :confused: