Good flying with you!

Evening, Folks. Flown a few flights with Flashheart and just finished flying with Swoop and others tonight in Cliffs. Good to meet you all, etc, and had some solid fun. Apart from an incident with a hangar.

As a greeting tax, have something less than 15 minutes walk from my house at the moment.


Evening Hotwire,
Good to fly with you to mate:o

Oh and lovely Spit


Yep, was a good night flying with you mate…only marred by me getting my first life killed off attacking twelve 88’s on me todd…back to square one and starting again, this time they can fuck off home and Im leaving them alone lol

Hi Hotwire,

Good flying with you and apart from the hanger prang ( not Kenley :p) you flew very well for someone only been flying cliffs for 2 weeks. :cool: I’ve sent you a message in here, check up the top right of the page.

Cheers and see you in great virtual blue.

Hi Hotwire,

Great to see you on the EAF forums! A big welcome from me and the rest of 41 Wing.

Good flying with you on Sunday - 4 kills(!) from those Dorniers wasn’t too shabby at all. We didn’t leave much left for the other squadrons to finish off!

Hope to see you in the (virtual) skies again very soon!

NB: Nice Mk22 Spit there at the local museum! Is that the Supermarine works?