Gone and done it and bought an Oculus Rift

After saving and then saving some more i decided to get myself a present before I spend it all on the kids at Christmas.

Should be here Tuesday and I have the week off, so time to start to learn to fly the P51.

Any tips and links to get this setup with DCS will be very much appreciated.

Wow congrats on the plunge, cant wait to do it myself, but I have to wait. For now. :slight_smile:

I will be most happy to train with you in the P-51. Cappe is the man, 51 lads usually fly DCS on the weekends.

DCS Automatically recognises the OR. Once you get in game you can go to the settings and up the Pixel Density - 1.5 should be fine, cranking it up to 2 may even cause your card some problems. I have no issue with 1.5.

There’s nothing else to set up with it really, it just goes. There are no profiles like Track IR, there are no settings to change.


as for mastering the pony takes time doing it alone!
if you can schedule some flight with someone already used to it you’ll learn much faster!

AH I’m ENVY!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks lads, I might need a sick bucket but I’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Thought it would need more configuring with OD, that sounds easy. I’ve read there is a new feature to smooth things, ASW I believe. Anyway I’ll play and shout when I get it going, cheers

Jimmi, that is a very good point!

I like your thinking!

Be very interested in your experiences with it. Tried it briefly at a sim show with FSX/P3D and it was far, far better than the DIY smartphone version I have experimented with,

V close to pulling the trigger myself - CPU is under the official requirements, but had a happy discovery the other day when I realised my MB has enough USB 3.0 ports.

DCS/FSX/WAr Thunder at the moment - but imagine TF5.0 or Il-2 BoK in VR!

I hope to beta both, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

When is it due to arrive? I might be able to get on at some point this weekend for an hour or so - but it would probably be Sunday.

You won’t regret buying it (Unless the announce releasing a new one tomorrow with a higher res screen! :roflmao:)