Giovedì 16 marzo 2023 - Voliamo?

Ciao a tutti @51Squadron, @41wing!

Organizziamo qualcosa per stasera?? In verità io riuscirò a raggiungervi solo dopo le 22 per le solite prove coro, ma sono ansioso di fare qualche voletto insieme ora che, finalmente, ho di nuovo manetta e pedaliera funzionanti!

Shall we arrange something for tonight?? To be honest, I’ll come online not earlier than 10pm due to usual choir stuff, but I’m eager to have some flying together now that I’ve finally got rudder and throttle back and working!

Fate sapere!


Se non finisco tardi, ci sono anche io stasera!!

dalle 22 ci sono

I was going to say no flying for me because I have to clean the apartment before my wife comes home (after a month), but she wont come until Monday, so I have all the weekend for cleaning.
But I’ll probably be on my server flying modern, and quit before 22:00.

Mikke, one of these days we could fly together some (easy) mission with modern planes! Even - sssshhht!! :shushing_face: - @Jimmi_EAF51 could be with us… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


me too

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Mikke and I are like LadyHawke!
we never meet save for 5 seconds!
i join when he goes to sleep!

matthew broderick ladyhawke movie GIF

blade runner GIF by Maudit

And no i don’t resemble Michelle Pfifer at all!

Who’s the small thief and the crazy priest?

Matthew Broderick GIF

artificial intelligence horror GIF by Red Giant
sorry when stumbled in the war games gif couldn’t resist!


by the way great flight yesterday!

Thank you all!


Did you managed to get back home?

About my specific flight, my escort departed for some more funny stuff when leaving Le Havre, I set up a nice eco cruise at 11.000ft and got back to Funtington with 150gals in the main tank :sunglasses:

In loving memory of Cappe’s P47, which is endlessly resting in green French fields.
Cappe is safe and sound instead, having fun with some French country girl :grin:


Yeah! …and downed an Anton!

Yeah and manged to chase a 109 back to Evreux
(starting from Le Havre) and land safely in France with 6 gallons left :grin::grin::grin:

@EAF51_Cappe if you manage to tell us which stalag luft is your home we’ll try and send some chocolate trough red cross support!

Nice flight yesterday, I managed to give a few shots to the 109 but after a while I was caught by another enemy and got damaged. Ejected safely in our territory I guess :smile: I was given choccolate by some folks once on the ground. Sorry if after 10.45 I’ve almost closed my radio, but I have my air marshall sick at home and she needs to sleep as in the morning she’s got to go to work.

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Just pretend it was a comms failure situation and… That’s it, training! :sunglasses:

I am still ‘prisoner’ in the countryside south of Evreux with the graceful company of a local girl called Annabelle apparently…:grin: Don’t send a Lysander for me, i am pretty ok here.

It seems that I’m always getting planes with faulty radios lately then…:slight_smile:

Actually she’s a well known german spy, used to be a Gunter… Bloody germans! Don’t reveal our positions,

Don’t worry, i’ll manage something, i’ll distract her :face_with_hand_over_mouth::relieved::joy::joy::joy::joy: