George Cross Island

Hi gents,

Just a heads up about the first off line campaign I’ve managed to upload in about 2 years. It’s on M4Today and it’s called George Cross Island which gives you an idea of the theme. It uses the HSFX4 mod (thanks again Joe) and version 4.09 so it has the Malta map, the tropicalised Hurricanes and the SM79 among other things. Here’s the link.

I still can’t fly online though :frowning:


Good to see some campaign of you again. Thanks!
Pity you can#t fly,
hope to have you up again soon :wink:

TY Guizzo came back soon

Well, looks like that was a one off for the time being I almost killed my wife’s middle aged laptop and I’ve had to remove the mods for the game to load up at all just now. I’ll get back one of these days though Wildcat and join the online fun as well as get back into mission building.
Catch you later

Well, so far 289 people want to download your work, Whizz, old chap. There’s a reputation there.

I’m not going to have time to fly it, you’ll know, but I will be printing out the briefings and enjoying that story. These are a feature of all your campaigns and it’s a story very close to my heart.

Even the intro has me anticipating a good read.

Those cold pints of beer you enjoyed by the fireside at the Railway Inn will soon be a distant memory. You have a new overseas posting, to the most heavily bombed place on the planet.

Thanks Joe old mate, I’m genuinely touched at being read so avidly and also at being quoted.