Game Update 3.007 released

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Main features:

  1. P-47D-28 "Thunderbolt" available to all Bodenplatte owners;
  2. Bf 109 K-4 "Kurfürst" available to all Bodenplatte owners;
  3. Sopwith Camel available to all Flying Circus Vol. 1 owners;
  4. Pfalz D.IIIa available to all Flying Circus Vol. 1 owners;
  5. New mission type for Career mode: Cargo paradrop for Ju-52/3mg4e;
  6. New mission type for Career mode: Special squad paradrop for Ju-52/3mg4e;
  7. New mission type for Career mode: Free Hunt for fighter planes;
  8. Major FM change: air compressibility at high speeds now modeled;
  9. New late war Luftwaffe pilot models added to Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 A-8;
  10. Multiplayer: a kill will be awarded immediately only if an enemy pilot was killed, bailed out or his aircraft crumbled;
  11. Multiplayer: a kill won’t be awarded if a pilot manages to return and land at a friendly airfield (with the exception of point 12, see below);
  12. In mission statistics, an aircraft will be scrapped only if its fuselage or a wing at its base has been ruptured;
  13. New, more detailed damage modeling is used for simple (AI controlled) vehicles - it is now possible to damage their engines, wheels or tracks, crew and ammo rack;

Multiplayer changes:

  1. Engine sounds of other players planes won’t randomly disappear;
  2. Gunfire sounds of other players planes won’t randomly disappear;
  3. Net traffic generated by multiplayer clients has been optimized, which should improve the performance of multiplayer servers;
  4. Other players position prediction routine has been optimized, resulting in a smoother multiplayer experience;
  5. The delay between a player pushing the fire button and other players actually seeing his aircraft fire has been minimized to the best possible extent;
  6. Other players gun convergence displayed correctly;
  7. APHE and HEAT rounds fired by other players won’t generate a double sound effect;
  8. Server ping values appear correctly in the server list;
  9. The coalition flag in the game world switches correctly;
  10. Binary mission logs are now saved correctly (needed for mission stats debugging);
  11. An exploit linked to navigation markers on the fullscreen map has been fixed;
  12. Right Ju-52 engine animation fixed;
  13. AA searchlights function correctly in multiplayer;

Visual changes:

  1. FPS in forest areas with lots of trees visible has been improved a lot thanks to the tree rendering optimization;
  2. Aerobatics smoke effect has been improved;
  3. Wrong ‘black debris’ effect issue while hitting enemy planes has been addressed;
  4. Distant forests won’t appear too white in morning or evening fog;
  5. Water drops now appear on the pilot goggles in VR;
  6. Water drops on windshield have been removed during winter (unrealistic);
  7. Oil drops from the damaged engine will appear on the pilot goggles only if he peeks out around the windshield;
  8. Engine start effect has been improved;
  9. Flying Circus aircraft now has the new fire and leak effects like the rest;
  10. Mission designers can place colored smoke signals in custom missions;
  11. Too subtle sun glare effect has been improved on the Moscow winter map;

GUI changes:

  1. Tank Crew commands now have their own input settings section;
  2. Starting altitude shouldn’t reset in QMB;
  3. Wrong aircraft type issue in QMB has been fixed;
  4. Air turbulence and wind direction randomness work correctly in QMB;
  5. Wind direction randomness near the ground works correctly in QMB;
  6. Precipitations during bad weather work correctly in QMB once again;
  7. Mission track records will be named correctly;
  8. Mouse pointer won’t disappear after opening Settings menu while replaying a track record;
  9. GUI shouldn’t flash after alt-tabbing anymore;
  10. With Imperial units selected in settings, the atmospheric pressure is indicated in mm Hg in Career missions forecast;
  11. Speed tooltip appears correctly while hovering the mouse cursor over a waypoint;
  12. Career interface won’t glitch after exiting a Career briefing using the top navigation buttons;
  13. Chat messages delay in singleplayer has been corrected;
  14. A possible crash bug tied to changing settings during a mission has been fixed;
  15. Technochat has been optimized, making the game smoother in many situations;
  16. Technochat tips have been moved to the main chat area;

FM and instruments changes:

  1. Engine oil in case of a leak or engine failure won’t be splattered on the windshield or pilot goggles for P-39;
  2. Aircraft fuel tanks may detonate (the probability depends on the amount of fuel left);
  3. Fuel tank explosion correctly nullifies the fuel reserve;
  4. You need a greater sideslip motion to put off the fire on Flying Circus aircraft;
  5. Collimator reticles look better;
  6. Revi 16B sight reticle made more authentic (Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 A-8;
  7. In addition to critical aircraft damage or loss of controls on one axis (lateral or longitudinal) the tip suggesting to bail out will appear in the following additional cases:
  • no fuel left,
  • engine damage makes a horizontal flight impossible,
  • fire on board;
  1. Artificial engine assistant now uses different mixture control lever positions:
  • He-111 H6/H16: decreased from 10 to 5 positions,
  • Hs-129 B2: increased from 4 to 5 positions,
  • Spitfire Mk.VB: decreased from 3 to 2 positions,
  • Spitfire Mk.IXe: decreased from 4 to 2 positions;
  1. Artificial engine assistant now uses less different cowl flaps positions on Fw-190 A5 and А8 (3 instead of 5, like on other aircraft);
  2. Radio direction finders corrected for all aircraft (inverted);
  3. An error in aerodynamic momentum calculations while pushing the Bf-109 G14 rudder to the left has been corrected;
  4. Spitfire Mk.VB and Mk.IXe coolant boiling temperature increased from 115°С to 140°С (MSL) and for MiG-3 increased from 115°С to 120°С (MSL);
  5. Different mixture error that appeared while controlling Bf-110 G2 left and right engine throttles separately and that caused the power difference between them has been fixed;
  6. Bailing out tip added for Fokker Dr.1;
  7. Indication errors corrected in Fokker Dr.I fuel and speed gauges;
  8. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 descriptions corrected;
  9. Bomb lever delay fixed on SPAD 13.C1;
  10. The default amount of fuel in GUI corrected for different aircraft;
  11. Fokker Dr.I ground collision made more detailed;
  12. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 visual damage appearance corrected;
  13. SPAD 13.C1: erroneous speed, water temperature and fuel tank pressure readings corrected;
  14. SPAD 13.C1: upper wing fuel tank leak and fire effects added;
  15. SPAD 13.C1: bombs can be dropped only one after another;
  16. Oil leak effect added to all Flying Circus planes;

AI changes:

  1. AI fighters, AA guns, etc. will continue to engage a target even if is criticaly damaged;
  2. AI planes pursuing a target evade the ground better;
  3. AI wingmen following the leader evade the ground better;
  4. AI pilots check their speed and altitude before attempting Split-S and downward spiral maneuvers;
  5. Для ИИ истребилелей исправлена проблема, когда в воздушном бою после "расхождения" с целью они начинали вести себя "вяло";
  6. AI wingmen keep formation a bit better;
  7. AI pilots take off correctly from Nizhny Balikley airfield in Stalingrad Career;
  8. Turrets aiming at enemy planes corrected;
  9. AIs controlling detailed (Tank Crew) tanks takes into account the different ballistics of various ammo types;
  10. AIs aim the tank guns better;

Other changes:

  1. Pilots bailing out from Flying Circus planes are animated better;
  2. IL-2 mod. 1943 gunner bails out correctly;
  3. Sound volume balance between engine and wind sound has been adjusted;
  4. The issue when the first login attempt resulted in failure message has been addressed;
  5. Burning fuel tanks sound added;
  6. Mouse control pointer (in mouse control mode) won’t disappear if aircraft suffers heavy damage;
  7. MG fire heard from inside of a tank has been made different and more realistic;
  8. Blazing Steppe campaign: secondary task labels removed, scenarios #3, 7 and 12 containing Ju 87 groups have been corrected;
  9. Steam locomotive explosion power has been reduced;
  10. Destroyed Pz 38t and Marder III H burn correctly;
  11. Iron sights textures won’t blink on IL-2 mod. 1943;
  12. Water drops correctly appear on all He 111 H-6 windows;
  13. Ju 52/3mg4e gauge dials made clearer;
  14. Rogue (enemy) Pe-2 won’t appear while playing for USSR after January 16th in Stalingrad Career.
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