FYI: 409m patch finished,

The ReadMe’s are ready for download. Oleg and 1C are now preparing for download of the patch.
No ETA on that. My guess is within the end of this week :smiley:

The teams working on the patch have thrown in som fun for the hardcore simmers among us:

Fokker Series 3

Note: Gun sights randomization

Both Goertz tube sight and Revi 3a were used in Finnish Series 3 Fokkers. About 40% of all planes had Revi. Therefore a virtual pilot in game has a 40% chance to get Revi when default skin is selected. With user skins (BMP) the sight is Goertz by default but can be certain skins can be bind to Revi with
Customization.ini file in skin folder.

POLIKARPOV I-16 Type 6 (Type 5 late)

  1. Gun sights randomization

There is an about 10% chance that a virtual pilot in game will receive the early production OP-1 sight instead of the advanced PAK-1.

SIAI Marchetti SM.79 “Sparviero“

Pilot’s notes

Propeller pitch has only two effective position in SM.79: minimum (fine => higher RPM), used for takeoff and climb, and maximum (coarse => lower RPM) used for level flight and other conditions. In IL-2, this is modelled so that
“prop pitch” positions from 100% to 50% corresponds to fine, “prop pitch” positions from 49% to 0% correspond to “coarse”. The pilot should switch to “coarse” after climb (by reducing “prop pitch” command below 50%) to
avoid over-revving and ruining his engines. Prop control: maximum allowed RPM is 2400/min.