I think I have established my favourite plane for BoS/M/K:
Can do ground attack and blast anything out of the air - so long as I don’t turn with it! I’m definitely getting a preference for it over the 109, even the F model; but it still has flaws.
[ol][li]Poor forward visibility
[/li][li]Cockpit framing is annoying[/ol]
[/li]Otherwise, it’s great! (Still feel dirty flying Blue though!)
Still like the Mc.202 justwish it had the rear and side visibility of the Fw190! (and cannon!)


Right on!!!
Pure E fighter. Make sure you’re at least at 2000m altitude before combat. If lower, make sure you got a wing man. 2000m is enough altitude to ensure separation if you get a YaK or La on your six. 2500m is perfect!

Best instantaneous turn is at 500-600 km/h, elevators are still very effective and you can pull hard without having an accelerated stall.
Use lots of lead for the snapshot. I mean on your nose. Use the bottom tick marks on the vertical line of your crosshairs, under the ring.