Fw 190 History Volume 1

Picked up this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1906537291/ref=pe_221811_34065991_pd_re_dt_dt1

Interesting and informative book about design and early years of the aircraft, they had much more trouble with it than I had previously realised and it was not initially loved by all pilots. I have been trying to teach myself to fly this in 1946 for the upcoming Stalingrad SEOW so it was a good backdrop for that, if not directly useful. It does reiterate the superiority over the Spitfire V in rate of climb, which I have never seen reflected in Il2 (though not enough detail of the test to know exactly what they did). Quite balanced and pretty well written (but poor proofing leading to a couple of repeated paragraphs in text / picture captions).