Full House!

Thanks to all for flying over Tobruk tonight.

I checked the logs, and EVERY squadron in EAF took part tonight. That’s a real honour, gentlemen.

Results Here

The Afrika Corps have retaken Bir Hacheim Airfield.

The Matildas and the 8th army are holding Tobruk against waves of Panzers.

A picture of my Regiment during WW2, NICE

Thx for setting this up and hosting Joe! :slight_smile:

Already looking forward to the next mission :banana:

Thanks Joe. Was great fun. After an engagement with Wildcat in his BF110 his rear gunner had smashed my CSU and removed my aileron controls before i set him burning so it was a desperate flight back to the airfield and an even trickier landing :slight_smile: but the good ol’ hurri’bus didn’t let me down :slight_smile:

It seems I’ve been the only one missing, yesterday!

What about this evening…is the show on? :banana:

Joe i had terrible problems with a/c warping throught the whole mission, otherwise it was great to jump back into a hurri.

Look forward to joining you again soon mate.

Anybody else have warping?

I only just got an upgrade to 400kb upload, 4Mb download and I am testing the waters.

I know a couple complained at the start when I was 14.4k server rate and skin downloads on.

I switched skin downloads off and that seemed to eventually calm things down.

At the end when there were only 6 or 7 left, I stuck it up to 56k and skin downloads back on again.

(MonsTTer, I wasn’t planning to be on tonight, I have some other stuff to do, but the temptation may be too strong…)

Don’t worry, mate…I can always “ambush” some T/O, in case of need…or keep on practising “sandy” takeoffs…:banana:

No warping at all in the one I flew with you Joe thanks mate was lovely plus I got home. Majik and I had landed at the end that one


I flew a 109, and as we met the Hurris, they warped a lot (every time I was pressing my trigger in a good position). It was almost impossible to score any hits in these conditions. In the end I was downed by an AI A20, who flew like an aggressive fighter, and had no problems at all hitting me. Go figure… :cool: