FS2004 Hurri

For anyone who flys Msfs2004

Looks pretty cool

Do the guns work ?

That woud give a 747 pilot a fright if they did ! :roflmao:

Not only shooting is pilot life. :slight_smile: I downloaded it and tested it. It is very very good model. Hurry in IL-2 sim is true toy when you compare it to this FS2004 model. Flying Hurry is really very complicated.

For me as for IL-2 FB fan are alos very interesting the following FS2004 planes


all of this models I am taking as the best of the best from ww2 for fs2004

Thanks Growler that looks fairly amazing :slight_smile:

Not only shooting is pilot life :slight_smile:

Not only flying is the sky Jirka <running away> :slight_smile:

I’m going to re-install Flight Unlimited 3 soon if I can find the CDs. Someone the other day told me it will work in XP. There’s a P-51 in there IIRC. I can’t remember if it has 50cals lol but yes civilian aviation has its own place in our hearts :slight_smile:


In combat there are only 2 pilots

1 - The Quick

2 - The Dead

Simple :smiley:

Oh Scotty, it is strong truth of true fighter. But try to look at it from the other side. Try to switch off the targeting cross for a moment. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong I used to Fly a few maps with only Flowbee and myself in them and chat and explore the mountains and follow the rivers for the fun of just seeing where they went :o . But when we got bored we at least had the option of firing a ‘friendly’ burst of fire :roflmao:

I tried the Hurri at Growlers and had fun for 10 mins as was able to fly around my house with landmarks I knew. But after 10 mins I was asking where the button for the guns was :roflmao:

Saying that at least it sounded like a hurri. Showed how limited FB sounds are.

With all due respect sir… That Hurri you flew was a Spitfire!!! :roflmao:

We shall have to do it again sometime Scotty. Preferably just before we hump the erse right aff Falkirk!!! :banana: :banana:


Bad Bad Bad Beer

I am lucky I can remember the flight G :o

This B25 Mitchell works well on the FS2004?


Yes working perfectly. Only 3D cocpit is missing.