Friday Night FPS 1/24?

Anyone up to some ARMA 3 action for the Friday night brawl?

I’d love to but I have a hot date with a beautiful lady! :smiley:

Maybe next time.


I’m still grounded.

Well how bout this Friday night 1/31/14? Will have it off. Keets, I suspect you will still be down and WB I’m sure your subscription to Blind Dates Online must have hit the maximum limit?
P.S- Check for an Adams Apple…:stuck_out_tongue:

I may well make it this Friday, working days and the beautiful lady is visiting her mum for the weekend so I’ll need to occupy myself.

And I didn’t meet her online. I stalked her for a few weeks whilst out running!


Yep, that’s right. The build has finished, now on to decorating. Still no time estimates on when I’ll be back. Two weeks, be sure sounds about right.

OK WB, what time would you like to meet up on TS? I was thinking we could play some ARMA 3 not Stalker. :slight_smile:

Hi Os,

Depending on how work goes for the day I’ll try to be on between 8.30 to 9pm UK time?


Sorry Os, got in late from work don’t think I’m going to make it.


Ok WB, maybe next time.