Free online Course on WW1 aviation

Thought may be a few people interested in this free online course

Hey Meaks great to hear from you, oddly enough I was wondering how you and Onz were keeping the other day. So many of the “old hands” have vanished.

Course looks interesting, you doing it?

Are you flying still? Sneaky style :wink:

Hi Swoop, Onz is on holiday in Malta at the moment, i know he went to there aviation museum yesterday.

I just started the course it looks interesting but its too early to tell as it only started today, I dabbled a little with BOS but not really doing any flying at the present, probably will get back into it at somepoint.

How you doing ?

Holding together, just :slight_smile:

Enjoying the flying of late after a rather long summer break. Flying Cliffs of Dover now, with loads more of us getting into it, Spits after all. Team Fusion have brought this sim back to life and should have been the Il2 of the future, you can pick it up for a few quid now. On the near horizon there will be a new map, maybe Malta and North Africa, with cannon armed Spits etc. EAF is involved in an online war too.

It you fancy a fly or help setting things up just let us know. We are flying Il2 to.

Take care mate