I am running a fairlly high end rig (E6850 with 2x GTX8800 SLI). When running tracks like the Black Death I get ~100fps on high quality graphic settings. I am just wondering why I only get ~40-42fps when playing online?
Is it normal to get lower fps for online playing?

Lots of stuff does not run when playing tracks Hans, AI routines and so on

That’s why fps is slower when AI are in a mission - more processing time for the CPU. And it’s why dogfight servers are a different animal from coop servers. No CPU time lost in AI processing for dogfight servers


Hmm, I need to check my settings in IL2 then. I get no higher FPS on pure DF servers, not even if I am alone on the server. In fact I get 40 fps from everything related to the net, also when playing tracks from the net.
And always 100 fps when playing locally.
Is ISDN the correct setting for Network in IL2 setup?

Or is anything wrong here in conf.ini:



Hans check that you have vsync disabled - if you can fly like that without ‘tearing’ or flickering screen when looking from TIR and so you need vsync to be enabled

Vsync enabled means fps lock at (maximum monitor/flatscreen refresh rate) and (some very much slower fixed, quantised framerates)

100Hz sounds like vsync either disabled or enabled on a CRT (flatscreen commonly 60Hz) and if your monitor refresh rate = 100Hz then this may explain things, 100Hz, 50Hz, 25Hz, 20Hz, 10Hz. Integer divisors of monitor refresh rate rule = 100/1, 100/2 etc if vsync enabled. If vsync must be enabled (TIR) then triple-buffering is useful to unlock framerate a little and still with no tearing visible. People with sensitive retinas (in peripheral vision especially) can see flicker on the screen where we can see only a steady picture

IF GrandmothersApples THEN Apologies = TRUE :slight_smile:


Problem solved. For some silly reason I was running on DirectX… :o

So now I am on 90-100 fps all the time and a lot higher with no ground in sight :wink:

An interesting observation is that a single 8800GTX runs IL2 10% faster compared to 2x 8800GTX in SLI, everything else the same, latest official drivers. I made some tests on my computer the other night (Vista x86 and x64 btw)
OTH a SLI setup runs other (modern) games 50% faster. I also saw an interesting article at SimHQ that today´s high end cards like 4870x2 makes almost no difference for IL2 compared to a single 8800GTX.

Yes Hans Il-2 is what they call ‘CPU-bound’, limited/bottlenecked by CPU activity, CPU power- because Oleg has a very good physics model and physics takes much time from the CPU

This is why we are waiting for flight-sim developers to use the PhysX application programming interface (API) and then the computer will be able to spend much more time on more-intelligent AI and a more realistic world in there. Few more years yet for that I think probably, and then we will have personal Evans and Sutherland simulators on tap (freely available)

The new Far Cry:Africa is out soon and that’s a very realistic world that I am looking forward to exploring, we’ll be lost to the world in it I think, in a world of our own.

Without a compass I mean :slight_smile: