Forum uses 100% CPU

Strange. All my CPU cores are running at 100% when using this forum, freezing up my browser almost completely. What kind of leak is that!?

same here

I’ve had no issues with Chrome or Safari…odd

Chrome and Firefox 100% CPU usage. Very odd!

the same with edge

Don’t know if this was a coincidence, but when I opened the forum this morning AVG popped up with this…

(I don’t have the 100% problem, btw)

From the website

Monetize Your Business With Your Users’ CPU Power

Is anybody else getting this warning, in case it’s just me?

lol i got a miner into my pc… it’s possible.

God-damn! I get the same now! And here I thought I had finally managed to get the forum clean. :frowning:

I’ve found the infected file (vbulletin-core.js) and replaced it with a clean one, but you all need to clean out your browser cache!

Also found some other files that vBulletin marked as suspect that is also cleaned now, let me know if you run into this problem again (or other types of strange behavior from the forum).

Cheers Mikke, no virus reported now.

Great to hear Mikke! No 100% CPU usage now.