Forum layout, colours etc

Think we’re getting closer now. :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the EAF-skin chosen in your user CP to see it in the default way.

There’s still some graphics that could use some fixing, but thats a low priority for me now that most other things is fixed, but if anyone is interested to make a mark on the EAF forum, let me know and I’ll zip and send the current graphics to you and you make new ones that you send back to me when it’s done and we’ll test it. Background will stay as it is unless someone makes something revolutionary better. :slight_smile:

Of course, if someone want to do a completely new style (skin), take a look at and let me know if you want the Graphics Developer Kit from the member area. When the style is finished I can add that as an optional style.

WOW… it’s fine :smiley:

The WC room is very big, i suppose clean it now :eek:

its very very nice Mikke thx alot. And there is a great search option now as well and…and and… :smiley:

Mikke - this looks fine to me

About the only problem I have is the Smileys - Otherwise this is fine :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to add more/other smilies, if someone else hand them over to me. :smiley:

BANANA MAN! Please Mikke :smiley:

Oh, and yep, btw, this forum is soooo much better. I’m still discovering new features and they are all great :slight_smile: (we appeciate the work, Mikke)

Here’s some more, if you want them…


Joe90 = :banana:

Well - I was thinking we could cut our own …
Prototype (proof of concept)

I can make you some new buttons Quote etc

Send me the button images to and I will dust off my photoshop and do some custom ones for you… I’ll probably do a few different ones and put them up for vote :slight_smile:


heheh old Munky smilies Joe :slight_smile:

only wanted to test this: :roflmao: and this :banana:

great stuff :smiley:

thats nice Painter…look to have some original EAF icons

Mail on the way insight. :slight_smile:

Insight - if you want help - let me know.

That could be a huge job you’ve taken on there


The peeing monkey’s code ‘: piss2’ conflicts with ‘: p’

Maybe change it to :munky: cos that’s the old forum where we used to use him a helluva lot?


Oh, not sure THAT’S such a good idea!
:rofl: :ani_beer: :ani_head:

Mikke… U sleep sometime? :eek:

Only at work. :wink: :rofl:

Insight - if you want help - let me know.

That could be a huge job you’ve taken on there

Thanks Painter, the way the dev kit has it means that you have one button then several text layers over it so it shouldn’t be a massive job… may take a little time though

hehe Joe these smileys bring back some good memories :w00t:



Mikke can we keep our EAF style please?

We aren’t a clan we’re hopefully a military-styled outfit, basing our themes around WW2 ETO

European = class and style: not shorts and umbrellas in sugary fruit-based drinks

Air = planes not surfboards

Force = not beach volleyball (although BeachBabe shots are acceptable)

This Pacific stuff with monkeys and bananas and coconuts is making us look like a load of Hawaiian surfer dudes :slight_smile:


Just for Ming:
:banana: :badger: :banana: :badger: :banana: :badger: :banana: :badger: