...for reminding me why we are here

I feel the need to say a few words after tonight’s EAF participation in the 22GCT AWI BoB.

For many a mission it have been an uphill struggle :rolleyes:
Not surprising since we are flying the British side :wink:

Our numbers are low in sector A.
Most of it is due to the holiday season and it have often resulted in mixed flight.
Often pilots from 92, 602 and 331 end up in the same flight. It was in such a circumstances I experienced something special tonight.

This night I had the honor to have a flightleader from no 92 and a good my wingman/lead came from no 602.
As we sat waiting on the tarmac (grass) the mood where casual. In best EAF tradition we got our order. This time with an empathis on “Stay together”!

I was so afraid that I failed my wingman when the 109’s came in. That my warning came too late.
But he pulled though.
Later when he and I were stalking 109 over the water, teamwork came natural. We moved into a bracket pinching the 109. So no matter which way he went one could stay on his six while the other could regain energy.
In the end we all survived.
For me this was an ultimate experience. Where command, teamwork, skill and friendship all came together.

I have written this without mentioning scores.
Thiese are irrelevant.
I have written this without using names becourse this is not only about them.

It is about EAF as a whole.

Thanks guys. I salute you :ani_beer:

You make me sorry that I am on leave for for the next 12 days.

Here here…oh and just to say, you never failed the wingman , the call came in plenty of time and the wingman was also shouting to the lead pair to break. All in all a great team effort for EAF!

Yep, it was an especially good mission because we all worked as a team. Those 109s came high and behind us, yet we outmanouevered them, protected our 6`s and even shot a couple down (well I saw one go down on fire, another smoking and the rest ran away).

We all stayed alive. Yep, things went a lot better than I expected, especially with starfire amongst us.:wink:

Great team work from 3 squads in 4 planes, 331, 602 and 2X 92!