For Jimmi

A dangerous thread, I only got a few pages in before falling off the fence and buying it

The last post on first page says, he uses VR for IL-2!? How?

Big VR Monkeys climbing on my back!

Ty Swoop! You are really a friend!:o:p

They really sell it in that thread, and I dont doubt them.

Fortunately for me, I only fly Clod, and as far as I know there are not yet any TF support…yet :smiley:

Sigh…just one more piece of gear which I need to get :stuck_out_tongue:

TF got it working a while back and hope to have in in TF 5.

It’s just arrived :slight_smile: Bye world

Just sat in the P51 and just wow. You’re in the actual cockpit and that didn’t really sink in till I’m actually here now. The 3D effect is amazing, I’m reaching out for throttle, stick and to pull the canopy over. If you had the wind blowing across your face and heat of sun on your head, you could think you’re there. I haven’t even flown it yet :slight_smile: Man this is the future, unless you can afford a real one.

Played around with a few demos last night, Lost and VR intro, with one of them you’re standing on the edge of a skyscraper and you get an instant feeling of height and not wanting to go near the edge. My little girl just loved being in the lounge and looking around in there. Agree it could be sharper but once your in you kind of forget that and I was just smiling and laughing.

Swoop, just a question…what do you buy OR or Vibe?


Just been for a flight in P51, what a joy! You get the sensations of flying and now I have the quest to get everything a little sharper but keep the smoothness. Its feels much more natural.

Knew you’d like it. No way you’ll want to go back to TIR. :smiley:

Just having the wis there right next to you is an odd sensation, but it gives you so much depth perception. Try flying it under a bridge or pylons, you might end up ducking the first time! Or roll it and look up the whole way through.

Also, if you have the Bf109K4 you’ll find that the gunsight is aligned with your right eye. You don’t have to ‘lean to gunsight’ like in IL2 or Cliffs.

The gunsight in the P-51 is right there in front of you, it feels like you can grab it.

Also try the Huey, it’ll get you over any motion sickness quicker! You really get the sensations at low level, low speed trying to bring it into a hover. It made landing on a particular spot so much easier for me.

What setting are you using. I’ve gone for VR under Graphics and then whacked up PD to 2.5. I’m get around 45 frames, dropping down to 30 when near landing. This is on the free flight in P51.

Apart from the first few minute, I’ve got over any weird feeling. If the setting are to high, then it gets juddery and frames are down to 18, then its just horrible having it on your face.

Just started playing with ASW, but its off right now.

The view is slightly odd, like you’re looking through a soft veil and I just want to push it away and see things sharper. That will the next gen though.

With my card I wouldn’t push the PD up that high, it would be too juddery. I may have turned it down to 1.2 the last time I went on. I don’t think I noticed much of a difference.

After a while you don’t notice the way things look like that. It’s partly because you’re so used to seeing everything on a high-res large monitor.

Don’t know what ASW is, you’ll have to let me know what it stands for!

It’s the immersion level that really makes it such an experience, the 3D view with 1:1 movement and the sensation that you can get. Trust me the Huey will feel different to the P-51! I don’t know why it does it to me, but it can really leave a queasy sensation at times; not like you’ll be sick, but a kind of feeling like you’ve crested a hill in a car pretty quickly!

Gah! This is pure torture Swoop! Think you’re right - at the moment its like early days of TrackIR. Once you had a TrackIR, you couldn’t imagine going back to 2D panels and 2D cockpit.

My willpower to resist is fast evaporating…