Fm fixes on the more!!!

Hopefully we will see a slower DR1, Camel, faster Alb and a bloody N28 that is actually an aircraft you can manoeuvre with… plus, maybe, a new engine for the Albs and DVII

Lets see, I better keep my expactations low :wink:

I am not too much into history so I don’t even bother with FM. I take them as they are and adapt. But I would welcome any effort to make them more accurate.

Just saying it has never been game breaking for me if some plane in some sim has something wrongly modeled. As long as side are somehow balanced in errors (meaning if DR1 is too fast, then if Camel match it, it’s still great fight between the two).

But since I really like ROF, if they fix what is wrong, I can only like it even more since it will fit into my imagination based on few articles and documentaries better. Either way I plan on flying this sim for a long long time. It is simply beautiful in so many ways that I can barely notice it’s flaws unless I am to point them out on purpose. Don’t even think about it really, I just fly and enjoy. If some plane is out of spec, I just take another that suits me (nowadays it’s SPAD 7, and SE5, before it was Camel and N17, I bet I’ll move to two-seaters eventually).

The problem Cy…is when the servers stop using some aircraft that don’t fly as folks expect…so we see less Camels, less Pups, less DR1’s because the FM’s arent right, so anyone who flies these aircraft are classed as noobs…very unfortunate, very unfortunate!

That is true, but still, problem is in gamers mind more then anything else. I am not so sure it’s FM that bothers them really, but the fact they do not know how to fly other aircraft against DR1 and Camel.

Granted, those planes are great, best in game for dogfight (and most fun in that role if I may add since they are a perfect match to battle one another). But from what I see by some really good players with great first pass aim, any slower turn scouts seem to be very low threat to them.

I am not trying to say they should not be fixed if they are off, just saying if they were modeled to the last variable in universe at this point to be as historically accurate as sitting in the real thing, they would still be labeled as unwanted because people that do not wish to fly them, at the same time do not know how to fly against them. And that will not change with FM tweaks. But what will change is that we might fly some planes that are too broken at this time, like N28 and maybe Dolphin (seems way to slow and sluggish for anyone to take it)?

You are correct when its just about flying againbst each other. The problem is the historical context. Its just no fun to fly “historic events” without the iconic birds because they don’t fit with their FM.

Indeed, but that is exactly what I aim for, some birds were iconic because they were great, and in hands of an ace, they were near perfect for the time. Now add the fact that in flight sim you can die over and over until you become that ace…well now imagine 15 DR1’s all controlled by aces with 1000+ hours on that very plane. It’s just, well, game breaking :slight_smile: