Flying Legends Pics

Hi Guys,

It will take ages to post them all in here, so follow this link which shows the pics I have processed so far.


Hope you enjoy them! It was a cracking day, really great to meet so many of you :slight_smile:

Very nice. Cheers.

superb photos Insight! Thx for sharing!

Cheers mate, really wish I could have been there but work got in the way (which fool invented work)

That would be the Almighty God Chris, something about ‘labouring all your days’ after the apple-eating and the slung out of Eden episodes

But you know this I suspect :frowning:


Damn that :monky:Adam fella :rolleyes:

Ming, it was really the Devil because Adam ate the apple he now would have to work all his days:( Previous to that everything was supplied by God.:slight_smile: Man, I cant wait till I get to Heaven cause I hate work:) Great Pic’s Insight keep um coming!

Nice work Insight, i’m just downloading mine now, hope i get a good few keepers.


Nice pics so far, I remember you snapping away like a madman so hopefully you have many more to come :slight_smile:
Just to let you guys know … Insight does have a rather large one that he seemed to have no reservation in letting stick out in front of him …

…lense that is. you lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I am looking forward to some of the F15 with the P51’s in particular :wink:

Was a great day all round, meeting everyone at the show and chatting to you all at the pub later, hopefully there will be even more of us can make it next year :slight_smile:


Your dead right to put your copyright mark on these.

The Guinot break really shows a sense of the speed and danger for those girls. My fav (as well of the Gladiator, of course)

Excellent photo’s Insight and very nice it was to meet you, hope your shoulder is ok - though the pigeon may not have faired so well :slight_smile:

There seems to be a couple missing that you took of the Guinot girls… :stuck_out_tongue:


I will dig those out for you :slight_smile: I left them aside for now as I had limited time to sit in front of the PC.

Hopefully I should get more out of the day… always end up with alot of throw aways though.

Shoulder is ok, still no bruise but its quite stiff inside (the shoulder… before anyone starts).

I suspect the pigeon is considerably worse off :slight_smile:

superb Insight!

Very nice pics!! It was so great to meet you all, Thanks for this wonderful weekend. :banana:

Here are some barematel-pics I took:

Here is one for Splash :slight_smile:

From the day before legends:

Excellent m8, Love the P39, I’m sending my camera phone shots to Keets who will host them… :slight_smile:


I like No3 and No5 Paf, very nice.

Thank you everybody!
Was great fun to see you all!
I really had a great time!
And thank you also for those beautiful pictures you took!:):):slight_smile: