HI chaps, sorry Ive not been around much, been battling an illness which i wont dwell on


Downloaded it and its rather impressive in lots of ways

there is a lot of hammy sentimentalty in it but its worth it for the flying sequences alone

they are AWESOME, really beautifully done some of em

mine has swedish subtitles in it, but they dont get in the way

what an odd language, its like bloody klingon (smirks@mikke)

well worth a watch !

right im of back to coughing into a bucket

Just be glad we don’t do like in some countries and dub everything! :smiley:

Don’t think they have shown Flyboys at the cinemas here, perhaps a directly to DVD film? :confused:

And get well Phil!


Phil ain’t called Captain Jack Sparrow for nothing, ya know :wink:

God to hear from you, old chap. When are we going to see you at another airshow?

Yeah, but the thing is that it was ripped, with swedish subs, from a dvd, only removed a couple of things from it. I haven’t seen that happen so quickly before. :wink:

Arrrrrrhhh :roll: (need to find a pirate smilie ;))

Pretty good, worth seeing, decent to good flight scenes (despite some annoying things, but didn’t destroy the movie). 3 out of 5 possible triplanes. :roflmao:

Right now watched Flyboys on DVD. Impressive! Worth seeing indeed!
Agree with Mikke’s 3 Triplanes :slight_smile:

Where the hell did you get the DVD? :confused:

One can buy DVD in PX/BX Camp Arifjan (i hope i spell it correctly), Kuwait :slight_smile:

Flyboys DVD is in stores in Estonia, today i purchased a copy:) If needed, i can buy one for You and mail it, just give me address.