First time in the Mach Loop

Well I finally did it, walked up the hill on Cad West and had a go.
After getting over the shock of how high up it was, and how unfit I am, I managed to bag some hawks.

Sorry if they are a bit average, but I’m proud of them.

Patience and quick reactions are definitely the name of the game here.









Wow nice shots Phil!

Always wanted to do this, but was concerned of a fruitless trip.

How long were you there??

We were there a couple of days

I can understand about the fruitless trip if you are just going for jets, because they might happen and might not, no way of telling.

The whole area is outstandingly beautiful however, so a trip there is never wasted, the low flying is just a bonus.

The view from the hills is spectacular.

Very nice Phil :smiley:

By change they have it as spring sale this weekend at DCS

Hawk T.1A for DCS World: $39.99 to $19.99 (50% off)

Might be interesting :cool:

I’m up that way in September, but can’t imagine Mrs Keets wanting to sit on a windy hillside for the day, nice view or not. :slight_smile:

Did you stay in one spot at Cad West or move about? From when I thought about it, I toyed with the Bwlch and Bwlch exit area, though I guess it looks different when you’re there. I think it’s something you’ve got to do several times to hone your spot and timing, lots to think about etc. Anything you’ll do differently next time??

Nice pics by the way, nice to see the second pilot in pic one waving. I can imagine it quite a rush when they come through.

Did you have access to an airband scanner?

We stayed in one spot, but you can move about, the fence is reassuring for those that aren’t a big fan of heights, like me.

Cad West is better for topsides of the jets, the big cliff on Cad East you will just get undersides.

The best place is Corris Corner, where the jets make a hi G turn with lake Tay Y Llyn in the background.

West is good because you have a terrific field of view so you can pick up the jets a long way off and set up.

I don’t have a scanner but there are regulars up at the top who quite happily share information.

Everyone we met up there was very friendly and personable, everyone is up there for the same reason so there is a great community spirit.

I was very impressed with the whole thing.

Thx for advice… i’ll stay there about one or two days on the half part of July 2015. I hope to be lucky and spot some “iron eagles” :cool: