Fiat G.59-4B flies in Germany

Article in the January edition of Fana de l’Aviation n° 578 about the Fiat G.59, a two seat trainer version of the G.55 fighter, with a V12 RR Merlin engine.
The G.59 registered D-FIAT made its first flight after restoration at Bremgarten on 22nd November 2017.
Meier Motors bought the aircraft in October 2015 from Guido Zuccoli’s widow.
Built in 1950 with serial n° 1789 it served in the Italian flight test squadron as MM.53278 and fuselage code RS-25.
1/3rd page photo of aircraft on ground with engine running just after the flight.

If any of our Italian friends want copies of this edition, let me know

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ty for the info!

i think that many 51 followed the restoration of G59 on meiers motor’s facebook page!

i’m mainly interestedl in ww2 era planes but probably i should study the g59 to understand better how the g55 flew! (But i don’t undeerstand much french so no french magazines :rolleyes: )