Few shots from Duxford

A few from Duxford on the 5th.

Hope you enjoy them (sorry if the B&W one is a bit large)

Very nice. Cameras must be getting incredibly good these days. I see a lot of people posting up incredibly good clear shots quite regularly.

Perhaps i should change my old 20 year old SLR for one of these modern things… When I can afford it. :rolleyes:

Hope you don`t mind if I use some of these for art references?

Of course not Peace, help yourself! :slight_smile:

Excellent photos as ever Insight old chap.

Hopefully I’ll get some good ones at Elvington to show

Beauties, all 5 of them.

The B&W is excellent. Still I wonder how that one looks in sepia.

Look at the shadow of the wheels in no. 3, great! I wonder what the pilot is laughing about in that one. Or is it a dutch pilot saying “KAAS” instead of “CHEESE” :smiley:

I hope I can take great photo’s like these at Rygge airshow (first airshow for me to take photo’s).


Thanks guys.

I see what you mean that she appears to be laughing in the third. Must be a funny shadow or perhaps her microphone?

Superb pics, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice pics, Insight! hmmm, that pilot in pic 3 must have put something in his pre-flight coffee I think…:smiley: