Oooo … any ETA ?

CoD4 demo, gamershell, 3 Megabytes/sec


How did you get to COD4 from Farcry2 ?? :p:)

Yeah like you’re not interested :slight_smile:

Saves starting another thread. Efficiency laddie :slight_smile:


TBH not really … never thought it was that good myself :slight_smile:
Farcry, however, I loved … but I have just got Half life episode 2 and 1 downloaded from steam so that will keep me busy for a bit … then I should get Bioshock …

Some nice games for some new hardware coming tommorow (he hopes) :smiley:

Hmm … just watched the video trailer of a developer demo for FC2 … not so sure if I will like it now :frowning:
They seem to be focusing on realism, plenty of those out there, I liked the fantasy aspect of the original myself.