FAO Ming...AAO training 'help'

And remember, you aint seen me…roight :wink:

Completing the training the correct way…


Basic Training Guide for America’s Army Version 2.5
By ColonelGSS


-You must hit at least 36/40 targets to qualify for sniper training
-Do not forget to press Z to zoom in on your targets
-Try to fire in between breaths
-Only use one bullet per target, even if you miss

Obstacle Course
-Sprint as often as possible
-Stay in between the white posts
-Hold the back key and face backwards to go down ladders
-Stay to the right side of the net obstacle

US Weapons
-Right click to switch from single to burst
-Hit H for your grenade launcher
-Hit 2 for nades
-Hit 3 for smoke nades
-Hit 4 for flashbangs
-To cook nades left click then right click and hold

MOUT (Shoot House)
-You need a score of at least 10,000 to pass
-Use as many flashbangs as possible
-Look for bonus targets
-Constantly check your ammo
-Listen closely to the AAR (After Action Report)

And if you get fed up and want to skip all that try this :wink:

Skip all courses:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the file with your profile name in the “\system\save” folder in the game folder. Locate the line:

and replace it with:

Note: This may not work after submitting results to an online server.

Complete all training and get all maps:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the file with your profile name in the “\system\save” folder in the game folder. Replace the current entry of the file with:

You can now go to SF pipeline and go to any training mission. Note: You will have to repeat this if you log into the server, as it will reset it to the stats you had before you modified the file.

I’m weighing up which is easier here JR - this or the assault course lol :slight_smile:

Thanks very much mate just kidding I appreciate that to be serious - and I’m starting to get the “This won’t beat me” thing going now <grits teeth> :slight_smile:


Trying to get sorted this week for Friday nighters with Crispy Division

I bet I’ll end up with a broken bloody sword and me epul epaulla badges torn off - I’ll try to pass everything without cheating first just in case I become a marked man :slight_smile:

Max Molotov

JR because of the notes: notes there I’m nervous of editing stuff

I’ve got through to the MOUT house now but I am a moron I don’t know which is friendly :frowning:

Stupid I know. I can see the cowering civilians and I can see the guys in US desert camo but the ones in the black balaclavas and the ones looking as if they’re chucking grenades at me I don’t know about. It’s f*cking demeaning scrabbling around. Is it to instill some sort of robotic bloodlust-trancing or what. Well they’ve got that covered :slight_smile:

I’m seriously p*ssed off with these instructors and I’ve got all those bloody tests later I know - the medical bollocks and that. Dammit I already cheated I mean wangled my way in once :slight_smile:

Gritting teeth though just chatting I don’t give up easy. It’s good to vent yep :slight_smile:

Please God say I can remap keys but at least I worked out how to go backwards down a ladder tonight after 24 tries :eek: (lmao here, trust me) :slight_smile:

It’s just my way of being colourful going on (one fondly imagines) take no notice I’ll be there. If it kills me yep. I’m sure I’m having a stroke or summat :slight_smile:


Seek and ye shall find :slight_smile:

just go study all the enemy targets on the side before you enter


I wondered what they were for :slight_smile:


Yea im also concerned with this:
‘Note: This may not work after submitting results to an online server.’

So it’s possible if you dont complete the training properly you would have to keep editing after playing online ? :confused:, its not really clear is it…

If you can persevere and complete the training properly it would be best i think…good luck mate and fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

I best not mention that the airborne training can be a pain also…

Use w to increase forward motion and s does the reverse, hold e to ‘flare’ over the circle, you have to hit the circle to pass.

One thing you can do if you find the training too much to bear is to pm your user name and password to a copuple of us to complete some of the training for you.

I found the SF training a pain, crawling around a map without being seen was hard and soul destroying on the 40th attempt.

Thanks for tea and sympathy chaps and cheers Meako :slight_smile:

I’m out tonight and flying tomorrow night but it’s Friday night late sh*t or bust I’ll get there if I have to take Friday afternoon off :slight_smile:

I got a real buzz from the iron sight with the blurry thing, nice implementation that and the weapons are excellent. Stuck inside Frankenstein’s monster though blundering around just trying to walk normally I’m sure I’m mincing or summat when in fact I’m a right hardcase it’s hilarious :slight_smile:

I only want to do enough to join an online mission Johnny I don’t care about scores and that, just worried that with hacks Punkbuster will go off :slight_smile:

I’ve printed out loads of stuff on the jump. Geronimouse :slight_smile:


If you can get through the basic training then you will get quite a lot of maps to play on.
As per Meako’s comments above im on stand by to get you through the training if you need me.

That’s very good of you both - thanks!

I’ll send on my logon details late tonight if that’s ok and beer eventually

The US Army have got it taped haven’t they it really weeds out the people who can’t take the grind. We’re not cheating who said that - we’re being creatively devious here. That’s nearly as good as being a good marksman in the field :slight_smile:

I promise to back everything up this time with a record of me logon info…

Ah that honour thing to get at more maps, yes now I remember a session where er, someone kept killing someone else and someone else had a- no I’d better not say any more no names but Dik The Swede Slicer* springs to mind lol


  • A swede in England is a vegetable shaped like a human head Mikke stand down mate :slight_smile:

Mout completed, above average score.

Will try to do some more for you when i get chance.

I owe you one :slight_smile:


Airborne and medic completed.

Re-qualified you at expert level for marksmanship so now sniper training is available.

Sniper training completed, amazing what you can do while waiting for an EIF mission to start :slight_smile:

Stroll on youse guys are good- ta mate :slight_smile:


Special Forces training completed, your good to go m8
Escape and evade completed in 6.18, thats gotta be a record :slight_smile:

Johnny thanks for doing the SF training, i was getting some post traumatic disorder with the thought of having to crawl round that map again.

You’re not the only one mate I’ve heard about that one - something like the one in OFP where you’re in enemy territory and have to crawl for miles as I remember, evading APCs all the way

Thanks very much JR

I had a quickie in there between missions last night - immediately promoted to squad leader 30 seconds in - what have you done they keep calling me Colonel and running messages for me between command posts :slight_smile:

Too scared to open fire at all though in case I lose honour at this critical stage lol, softly softly just going bang you’re dead as if I’m out of ammo and collecting points for turning up :slight_smile:

Excellent SF night mission, very good in there I’ve signed up as EGF_Minos at the Tracker wotsit ta Splash