FAO Meako and Thor ... (pics warning).

Thor because he helped me get the Cop car, its a limited edition and has been out of production for around 3 years, it was found at a German ebay seller BNIB for only a little more than a standard slot car from Carrera.
Now you can see why I wanted it Thor :wink:

Meako, because after I mentioned it, He asked if he could some pics of the finished car.

Basically, being into slot cars (or scalextric as most might know them) I wanted a general lee (and police chase car) as I used to love the Dukes of Hazzard as a kid.

Carrera are the only people to make a slot car Dodge Charger (or suitable cop car come to that) but it wasnt quite the correct year/shape for the “General Lee”.
So I set about purchasing one (I Had to import from USA as they are not available in the UK), and then chopping it up and re-modeling, to get the rear window and front lights all looking as close as I could.
I had to have Halfords custom mix up a spray can as nothing on their shelves was near the right orange.
No-one does the correct wheels in 1/32 scale, so I got something close and decaled them to suit, I am not completley happy with them but its as close as I can get, until I see something nearer :slight_smile:

The decals were an ebay purchase, but I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the roof or number plate flags, so I printed my own decals for those.

Enough waffle, here are the pics :wink:

As the Charger from Carrera comes, note visible lights and sloped rear window not correct for the “General Lee” :

And the converted slot car :

Nice job Majik, I feel a tune coming on “Just a good ol boys ant doin no harm, hum, just redneck’s on the wrong side of the law, hum, hum” :roflmao: You need to add that big caddy with Boss Hogg. :slight_smile:

Cool I love General Lee, but the doors are fixerd? :roflmao:

Finally found and ordered some not correct but near as dammit wheels all the way from Canada to complete.
Also lowered the rear body height to get rid of the tail high stance that isn’t correct for this car :wink: