Falklands War Sea Harrier pilot interview(s)

Anyone flying the DCS AV-8B may be interested in this - recent podcast interview with ‘Sharkey’ Ward - a British Sea Harrier (SHAR) fighter pilot who was the UK’s top scoring pilot in the Falklands War in 1982.

A fighter pilot legend and someone who does not mince their words or hold back!

Part 1 in that series podcast with another SHAR pilot Tim Gedge

Got his book “Sea Harrier over the Falklands” for Xmas ,thoroughly good book, and as you say Flash he doesn’t mess with his words, really good book
Looking forward to watching this with a cup o tea and a biscuit:)



Thanks Flashheart for sharing!

Nice having 4 Harriers airborne in DCS yesterday btw!

Edit: And a Viggen and a F-86!

Bloody dog barking !!

One thing that hasn’t been learned since the Falklands is sorting out the operational vs technocrats thingy !

If the Harrier is so good as a visual range fighter, I might be tempted to get one :slight_smile: lol