Fake or???


Now I know what to try next time I get my wing shot off… :eek:

This has been doing the rounds for a good while now… Can’t remember what site I saw it on originaly, but it not only explained it was of course a fake, but how they tried to pull the wool over our eyes…

the landing is fake i think

Only the landing? :smiley:

no way, this is real! I was there! :smiley:

Did it take place on the planet Zanusi?

FAKE. I`m not even going to say why.

Nah, come on, tell us why!!!

I do have reports of the same thing having been done with a RC model (recieved a link to a movie of it, not fake), but I haven’t seen it myself yet. So…

Yes, on RC it is possible - their Power-to-Weight ratio is enormous, a plane can practically hang on the prop.

Well sure, it probably is a model, but the film is trying to show its a full sized Human occupied aircraft. Apart from the light way the wing comes off, the plane lands so quickly and comes to a turn stop, is not right for a full-sized manned aircraft. And the image is strangely blurry, and not a movement blur though its disguised to look like it.

The plane also looks made of styrofoam, like the helicopter toys you buy for £20, which I think the blurring is trying to disguise.

Are you the fat blonde mulleted kid running toward the plane???:stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the video of the RC-plane doing the same thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsNIhBlyepc&feature=related

I think you’re right Peacemaker, also found a pretty good debunk video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J72y_qFV2oc&feature=related