Fairey Firefly Wreck

Went walking in the hills near where I live and came across this well known wreck of a Fairey Firefly which crashed in 1950 unfortunatley killing the two crerwmen.

More info here


Wing section

Rolls Royce Griffen
I noticed that it had two spark plugs for each cylinder

Outstanding Redundant, really outstanding.

I seem to remember a certain CO of 602 dragging a bunch of hairy arsed Scotsmen all over a hill looking for something similar.

First looks like a substantial wing root section, complete with undercarriage strut and cast iron gun ports.

Synchronicity being what it is, had a conversation related to doing something similar just recently.


Thanks for the pictures, very interesting!

My dad and me are researching air war (mainly bombers) and its traces at the region south of Hamburg. Last week we found a metalplate with rivets in a place where we assume a Halifax crashsite. One side of the metal is blank and the other brownish. I will report if we find out something about it :wink: Maybe with some pictures

Thanks for the comments guys.

I am going to try this one next, been walking in the area for years and did,t know it was there, a B29A crashed near Succoth argyle sadly killing 20 onboard, its about an hours drive from home



We need a man who can actually find a hunk of metal (though I still say some Paisley punters must have swiped the Typhoon wreck we were looking for).

Would love to go climbing and with a good purpose.

I’m going to have more free time come May, if we could plan another outing sometime after then I’d be well chuffed.

Add some beer to the mix, please :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea Joe

Add some beer to the mix, please

If we can arrange a site to visit (even if its the B29 site) and then a date and see who pitchs up.


Great, look forward to it :smiley:

hmm, Succoth…

Hostile territory for me lads :roflmao:

Sigh, halcyon days, the drovers, the dalandooie, highland lassies,the exuberance of youth…

Whats the grid for the b29 ? ( i know there’s a memorial )

What hills it on, ben arthur or ben narnain ?


Sorry for hijacking,
few days ago the lancaster museum at Lincolnshire, East Kirkby confirmed this piece of metal is part of a engine nacelle of a Lancaster.

I dont know eaxact local yet but I have climbed Ben Arthur a few times and I dont think it,s near there.

Once I have established its, exact location I will post up

Where was this piece of Lanc discovered?


We found it in a forrest at a little village south of Hamburg.
In this region there are alot crashsites from various Hamburg bombings or bombings further east. We try to locate them, find out which plane it was and what happened to the plane and the crew. We now already have quite a few before unknown stories. By Sqn. forums its sometimes possible to get in contact with interested dependants and some were happy to know what happened. Not just MIA. Maybe some day I can translate them into english if you are interested.

Paf thats briliant, A very worthwhile hobby letting relatives knowing what has happened to their loved ones

If you get a round to it, translate them to English I would love to read them


If 602 are planning another hill scouring sortie I’d like to be included. Keep me posted Russ?