F-ing Punkbuster...

Well, now it’s confirmed (as close as possible at least), PB makes my PC freeze.
If I play CoD on a non-PB server all is well, if I go on a PB server it freezes after a couple of minutes, doesn’t matter if I try the pb_security 0 or now.

Silly question, but I assume you run as an admin on your system when you play CoD?

I had all the same annoyances with PB on AA, all the more frustrating because PB doesn’t achieve that much anyway. But the better servers tend to be PB enabled, so it is worth persevering if you can be bothered.

Yes, I’m admin.

The problem isn’t that PB crashes only the game, it actually manage to totally lock up the whole computer, only thing to do then is to use the reset button. And as this happens after perhaps 2-3 minutes of playing it’s pretty useless trying to play on a server with it enabled. :mad:

Mikke I sent you the screenshoot from when you where kicked last night on your Hotmail

Hittade detta på några forum Mikke.


Will test that, thanks Tragic.

I will look out for you at The All-Seeing Eye Mikke - by using the Buddy function that you may not have paid for :slight_smile: - and join you after you’ve successfully joined one. That seems easiest until you sort it out. Leave no one behind yes and I will turn off my PB filter :slight_smile:

Was good seeing you chaps in CodUO - lol Mas and the flamethrower! Don’t use it inside houses :slight_smile:

I swing both ways on loyalty to Axis or Allied. Milo Minderbinder me :slight_smile:


Pain in the backside, isn’t it? The problem with a flakey app like PB, if the obvious fixes don’t work it could be just about anything. Maybe it doesn’t like the colour of your carpet, who knows.

Have you ever used PB successfully in the past? One thing you could try… rather than update PB (which I assume you have done manually), backdate it to an earlier version, then set pb_security 0. The server admins tend to be pretty relaxed about updating PB (probably grateful to get a version that works), so by running an older version of PB you will be able to play on any server except the ones that have a newer PB revision than you. And by setting pb_security 0, if you do connect to a server with the latest revision it will stop that server updating your version.

A crappy workaround, I know, but might be worth a try. It would also show whether the conflict was with PB in general, or just the latest revision of it.

Yes, all used to work just fine, and seems it’s ok now again since I change to “/NoExecute=AlwaysOff” in boot.ini.
Not really sure what that is supposed to do, but at least it seems to work again.

Lets hope that fix your problem Mikke so you can join in in some mudcrawling( not the other game now :wink: )

And this explains everything a bit: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875352/

Very interesting Mikke

So you can run with PB but then you’d be vulnerable to every nutter on the Internet. I’m not mentioning any names… :slight_smile:


Nah, I’ll be on the same safety level as eveyone running pre-A64 processors. :wink:

It is annoying that PB is written in a way that it shouldn’t be, but I’m not loosing sleep over it.

Well, the fix broke PF, and the choise between CoD with PB and PF there’s no competition. So f PB. :furios1:

Tråkigt att höra Mikke :frowning:

Vi på backen får väl klara oss utan vår C/O då…

Mmmm, eller så skaffar ni alla OFP. :wink: