ESP - A great mod for ArmA

ESP - A mod by the community, they focus on gameplay and realism, teamwork and of course, fun. They tweak ArmA to make it more tactical, thus more challenging, but also much more real feeling when on the battlefield.

Its not the feeling you are fighting AI, its almost a feeling that the fire fights and the AI are from the real word, real humans fighting against you, they are not super snipers anymore, but scared soldiers shooting for they bare life.

Outake from the ESP mod developers, Zeus:

ESP is an ongoing project developed by a small group within the community. We continuously tweak the config and add new content (often made by third party’s) to create an ARMA modification that suits the community’s gameplay requirements. It’s exclusively played by us (afaik), it’s still very much W.I.P. patches being released approximately every 2 weeks and will probably continue being developed for the lifetime of ARMA
It is stable, playable and in our opinion delivers great firefights.
It isn’t the be all and end all of mods, we neither have the manpower or skills to deliver such a thing. Its simply something we want to develop and play

The good thing, they update it a lot to make it fresh. The mod, and the community, are open, its not a clan, its a community. You can register at their forums, and receive newsletters about patches, which you can download right from a link in the mail. They have a public server, where anyone who wants to play this mod can play. We can also play with them together on their public meeting times. Every Sunday & Thursday 19:30hrs GMT.

They may say its mostly played by them, but that is because its not with all that PR and not the possibility to publish it as a great mod for the ArmA community, nonetheless, its a great mod and they have no problems if we use it.

I strongly recommend to download and use this mod whenever you play ArmA.

I strongly recommend to use it together with EAF and the ZEUS community on Zeus’ public server.

Link to their “About us”, info about the mod, server IP, TS, and everything related:

Link to their Addons HELP THREAD :

NOTE: You need both ESP and Zcommon to play on their server, both are great addons.

I have this mod, play on Sunday with them, its a great bunch of people, from both Europe and USA.

I hope you would like to play this mod, hopefully with me, and on the public server, and maybe even with the Zeus community. At least, I will always be here to help any of you to get your equipment right.:slight_smile:

PS: I request this to become a sticky, they update their sites all the time so this thread with these links will never be outdated. :slight_smile:

Great briefing thanks Stuntman!


I like the sound of that. its just time, which i dont have spare for this. :frowning:

Sad to hear, hope you get time eventually.

I just made some very quick missions today and yesterday, but the AI made them much more advanced then you could think!

The Sniper of Rahmadi

I was a sniper. they had waypoints to go through a town and then pass over open land to run past me. I was a sniper hidden in some tight bushes, perfect position…Instead of doing the foolishly same old ArmA standard thing of running into their death, or see me immediately and kill me better than any ace sniper could do, they were scared stiff when I opened fire on them in the open, running BACK to the town for cover. I couldn’t see them anymore, they were hiding in the town!:eek::smiley:

I had to sacrifice my position and go towards the town, close combat…,with a sniper rifle…hell that was scary.

After some time I found them, I killed some guys, and then they started advancing on me…on their own…NOT by a waypoint…they probably understood that I was alone and with poor close combat skills.:eek:

They started to come around me, I had to run away…I got like 100 meters from the town, ducked behind some bushes and waited…peeked through a minute or two later…and guess what, they did come after me. Now they knew slightly were I took the way, and was heading that way…but they didn’t know exactly where…they were 50 meters from me in the bush…

NOTE: in vanilla ArmA they would most likely already have killed you by now, they did not in ESP.

…but they did not fire upon me since they didn’t know where I was hiding AND I was concealed greatly…

The hunt was on again…I killed 4 guys trying to run over the field again…they hadn’t forgot their waypoints, and when they died, the remaining guys went into the town again lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

Its just great what you can do with a very easy mission builder! and it was made so fast and not advanced at all. You get such an experience…and when you can play with an teammate…:smiley:

Sounds good, i have Arma with Queens Gambit, and am aware of Mods, what other Mods should i get?

At the moment, another great mod is not available for the public.

Its called ACE (Advanced Combat Environment)

Its from the developers of the most successful OFP mod, WGL (Wargames Legaue)

Its only in alpha stage, will be published soon, but only people with rights have access to download it, if you want to help the ACE community by beta testing etc. you will get access.

Its, even better than ESP when in Gameplay and realism, while ESP is good with graphics, effects and action (still its very realistic).

So I highly recommend ACE when its ready for the public. I can tell you all when its ready for the public, or you may register at their forums and have a look at their developments yourself. - check their forums!