Easter Monday's evening, someone in?

Ciao ragzzi!!

Non so come funzioni fuori Italia ma qui tradizionalmente il lunedì dopo Pasqua è festa e si va in giro durante la giornata per cui non so quanti saranno presenti questa sera!! :joy: O ancora sobri…

Io penso di esserci, se poi gli orari cambiano vi avviso qua!:wink:

Vorreste fare dcs o il2? È tanto che non voliamo su il2 un giro per cambiare non ci farebbe male! :grimacing:

@51Squadron @41wing

Ah e rispondete manica di imboscati, che nessuno legge e viene a volare ultimamente, poi ci si ritrova in 10 volare senza una ragione, le ultime sere abbiamo fatto ottime missioni! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello kids!!

I don’t know how it works outside Italy but here traditionally the Monday after Easter is a holiday and people go around during the day so I don’t know how many will be present this evening!!

I think I’m there, if the times change then I’ll warn you here!

Would you like to do dcs or il2? It’s been a long time since we flew on the 2, a changeover wouldn’t hurt!

@51Squadron @41wing

Ah and pls answer bunch of pilots, that no one reads and comes to fly lately, then 10 of us find ourselves flying for no reason, the last few nights we did some good missions but we need numbers!!

Same here, in, depending what time my family leaves. :smiley:

Sorry, oggi ho fatto l’italiano e ho perso un po’ d’occhio le attività online!

Marco visita per stasera, see you on Thursday!

Me and Havebug did some modern flying yesterday, was nice not flying alone for once, and I ended up flying way past my bedtime. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Mikke for the hints, since I gained confidence with the F18 I’ve been finding this bird a very pleasure to fly.
Btw, yesterday I set up the data link wrong… Next time I guess will be much better.
Looking forward to flying with you again

As far as I can remember, you only need to turn on the datalink in the F/A-18 when doing a hot start.
BTW, did you find the channel selector for the radio so you could hear the AWACS calls?

It would probably be easier to help each other learn stuff if we are flying in the same type of plane, instead of me trying to remember how to do stuff in the 18 while flying the 16. I’m no expert in either, but I do have some hours in both (though more in the 16 the last year).

oh yes, that was easy. The issue was the contacts on the MFD’s SA page as well as the JHMCS didn’t show up.

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