Earthquake in Italy - report

Tonight 03:40 AM we had a strong earthquake (6.3) in central Italy.
The hit area is between the regions of Umbria, Marche and Lazio.
The epicenter was near the city of L’Aquila, but it was perceived by 85 km (53 miles) all around.

There are several deads and wounded. Many buildings collapsed. Rescue teams are at work since the night, while others are coming from all over the country. The Army is involved too.

Some of the EAF people are living in the area, but not really near the epicenter, so they should be not directly hit by the earthquake.
Involved EAFers should be IlPesca (Rome), Max and Blitz (near Rome) and Banzai’s family (Umbria, near Perugia). In all that area people perceived the eartquake.

I’ve got news from Max: he is OK. He said at home everything was moving around, but not direct damage.
I will keep you posted about any news.

I hope all EAF is ok, and that there isn’t any more damage then what is already reported, sounds bad enough as it is. :frowning:

I echo Mikke, hope everyone is OK and there are no aftershocks

Please do let us know how you are, those that are in the area.

I hope everyone is ok and we soon hear from fellow EAF’ers in the area. My thoughts are with Italy

Sorry to hear about this. I hope for anyone affected by this that normality returns as soon as possible.


Thoughts are with those out there, and I hope everyone in EAF and their relatives are OK…

(Also our ‘enemies’ in 22GCT too - stay safe folks…)

I am ok, but last night was terrible. Very fright for me and my mother in Roma (I felt 3 shock) As Bear said the epicenter was located about 80 km North East from Rome.
Unfortunately there are many casualties and extensive damage.
A friend of mine who lives near Tivoli (north east of Rome) is controlling his house for any cracks in the walls.


Really sad to hear. I hope all EAF’ers are ok and may there be no more damage than reported. Thoughts goes to all involved.:frowning:

Just heard about the earthquake and I’m very sorry.

Very sad.

My thoughts goes to Italy. Hope you and your relatives are ok.

I echo the sentiment here, and hope all EAF and their families are safe and well

Bad news. Hope you EAFers are ok and I pray for everyone else (not just eafers) affected.

Sad news. All the best to the affected ones.

Just echoing what others have said.

Hope folks are ok and thats the last of it.

Is this normal in Italy ?

Central Italy (Umbria, Northeern Lazio and Marche) is sysmic area. So eartquake is more or less “expected”, but we had not big earthquake since years. Northeern Italy too (Pianura padana) is also sysmic area, but we had not until now any big earthquake.

The earthquake of last night was very strong (5.8 Richter). Situation central Italy is very bad. I was watching TV, and they say ther are still a lot of missing people. Many families lost their homes, and as you can imagine, national emergency have been set by the government. Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, and the Army are at work on the site. People bad injured are still talken out from destroyed houses.

At the moment there are more than 150 dead, 1.500 injured, and more than 50.000 families that had to leave their home. Situation is quite dramatic in the area.

I saw the updated news on the way home, it looks very bad.
My Nephew is based in Umbria, but is in Puglia for a couple of weeks.
I talked to him this morning. His village was affected but only in a very minor way, no injuries or severe damage
My sympathies to everyone affected by this tragedy, but also my thanks that none of our friends were in the wrong place at the wrong time

I saw this on the news. I’m sorry for Italy’s loss and pray for a speedy recovery to all that are affected.

All the best wishes, hope and strenght for our Italian friends who suffered from this disaster.

Only Central Italy was affected.

Max - who lives near Rome - says the earth is still moving.
last tremble was 01:30 AM tonight. Fortunately less strong than the night before, but you can imagind this is making people fearing about what could happen again.

Updating of situation:
179 Dead
35 Missing
More than 100 people were saved alive from the wreckage by the rescue teams during last 24 hours, thanks God