EAF try

Hi, this is where EAF tries says hi! Just checking out the forum. You seem like a nice group of guys :slight_smile: See you on the practice days

Hi and Welcome!

Hi oGG, good to see you made it :slight_smile:

First thing to do is get yourself teamspeak:

P.M. a T/O for the server settings, Then pester him for some training. T/O’s list here:
C/O of OTU Sqn Ldr Nepe EAF51
Flt/Lt Classic EAF19
F/O Keets EAF92
Sqn Ldr Mram EAF331
P/O Richy EAF602
P/O Marsh EAF19
F/O Meako EAF92
P/O Arturo EAF310
Flt/Lt Wildcat EAF51

Good luck,

Welcome :slight_smile:

Make yourself comfortable and tell us what Richy told you to join us…come on, what did he promise to you? :wink:

Hi oGG,

and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome

Hello oGG, välkommen till EAF. :slight_smile:

Hej och välkommen. :slight_smile:

Hei oGG. Velkommen til EAF:)

…another guy from the North! :eek:

:roflmao: :banana:

Welcome oGG!


Wow! thats a lot of quick responce! thanks for the warm welcome. I already have TS so I’ll pm a T/O for settings. Should be practice about now too so I’ll look for you guys on HL. S!

hi mate good to see u

S! oGG

welcome to EAF and i hope we fly some soon :slight_smile:

:smiley: Just had my first flight in a coop mission with the guys in 331. Went great, I must say, especially for a first mission. No kills but I was happy enough with a good take off and landing. Looking forward to our next encounter with the germans :wink:

Hi Ogg,
welcome and good to see you had fun with your first EAF-flight. :slight_smile:

Nice flying with you yesterday oGG. Välkommen

You seem like a nice group of guys

You wait until you’ve been here a while, we’re a bunch of nutters really. :smiley:

Welcome BTW. :slight_smile:

Welcome on board!
Be careful with the pasta-eater of EAF51!:eek:

I’m sad to inform that I won’t come for practice for a while. My joystick is broken and I need to know whats wrong with the computer before I can think about buying a new one. So it might be a while until you see me next time on HL :frowning: At least I’ve completed first and second stage of practice - and I’m hoping to be able to carry on as soon as possible.
Until then,